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The clock is ticking and I cringe at every chime

I can't catch my sleep at this moment in time

I went to bed coz I was sleepy and really needed the rest

I'd been having a "one of those days" and didn't feel my best

My shoulder ached, my neck and lower back too

Going to bed early was the only thing to do


Its 3am in the morning, I'm starting counting sheep

Tossing and turning, restless but I still can't get no sleep!

The covers on the floor and I pick them up again

I can't close my weary eyes with this much pain

Should I get up and walk around, should I stay in bed

These thoughts are keeping me awake, going round in my head


It's 4am and I'm freezing, my feet like blocks of ice

The covers are off the bed again I've picked them up twice

I try thinking of something lovely but my back is giving me grief

So I turn my cheek to the pillow and start to clench my teeth

Every little sound, every little noise, the rain is pattering down

I give out a little scream and grab for my dressing gown

Now I want a wee wee and for the toilet I will make

Anything to get rid of this awful ###### ache


It's 4.30am in the morning and I'm pacing the floor

I went to bed at 10pm and I can't take it any more

Might as well get up and read or maybe watch TV

I'll keep the sound right down, I'll not wake the family

I yawn and stretch, my eyes are closing fast

I might be starting to fall asleep, Yippee! At last

My bed sure looks inviting as back into it I crawl

And snuggle in the linen, the pillow and all

I curl up in a little ball and it sure feels like heaven

And before I know where I am the clock is striking seven


Oh No! Time to rise, a new day has begun

And I feel like a zombie, sleep I've had none!

I can't think what I'm doing ,put coffee in a cup

Forgot to boil the kettle and filled it right up

I need to gather my senses and snap out of this daze

I'm wandering round the kitchen in a total haze

I have so much I need to do and how will I succeed

When I can't even concentrate on the things I need


I drive my hubby to his work his voice a distant mumble

And I just sit there quietly sedate and very humble

I'm really not that fit to drive, it's hard to keep my wit

I need to gather my senses and just come round a bit

What was that he said about the bills I'm sure he asked me to pay?

I can't remember anything not a single word today

All I want to do is to climb in my nice warm bed

I can't do any chores or do anything he said


I need a cure for insomnia, I need to get some sleep

How can I carry on, I collapse on a chair in a heap

I guess I need some tablets to cure my restlessness

I need to raise my pillows, they were flat I confess

And so I face another day, I'll get through today somehow

But I'll sit and have my coffee and just rest awhile now

I watch the clock ticking, each hour just passes by

I can't wait for this evening when I get down to lie

For now I need to do my chores to keep myself awake

And I think my pain has gone, that awful throbbing ache

I guess it's just my lack of sleep and it won't happen again

I'm going to bed early tonight even before ten.


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