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8th/9th Dec



Had a week of non stop work in the house. The carpet arrives in less than 4 days and I still haven't got a ceiling in the front room. The stairs were hard work, I felt like I was in a silent movie, what a par larva! They were heavy and unbalanced and holding them aloft whilst my hubby drove in the bolts, was far too much for me. I was in a very uncompromising position at one point, not knowing which way to go. In the end my hubby rammed a pair of step ladders under the whole thing and that held them until he got the last bolt in. Anyway, they're all in but not quite finished -- that'll happen today fingers crossed!

It's getting colder by the day and yesterday my geese went on a mission and defected to the next farm. They crossed the river and are now stuck on the other side. I missed their honking this morning but I can hear them hooting in the distance. I'll have a walk over this afternoon with a loaf of bread to encourage them back. Beats me how they got over there in the first place!

I need to shop for my seasonal goods at some point but the shops are lifting to the roof. I hate shopping at this time of year, everyone seems so stressed! I mean arguing over the most menial things. I once witnessed a dear old lady whacking a man over the head with an umbrella because he took the last lemon! I ask you, who in a sane mind would go to such lengths? I guess you could say that I've been there myself. When Steph was little I remember anxiously going round the stores for probably the most tackiest toy ever made, and than chewing my nails to the wick when all the stores were sold out. How do you tell a child that they didn't get what they wanted -- nothing else comes near to replacement! I can't recall fighting nor can I remember arguing with anyone in my plight but the frustration was clearly evident. Thank goodness for the teenage years, now it's cash or clothes chosen by herself and those days have gone. Am I sad? -- you bet!


Today is the final push. Anything that isn't done today, frankly won't get done! They'll be laying carpet in a shack and what do I care! You can only do what you can do, any more is a bonus, any less is either laziness or incompetence. I reckon we may hit the target!


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