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What A Week Dec 18



My diary has been so full ---- I hardly know where to begin!

We got the carpet down after a marathon 24 hour session. It was pouring with rain outside, freezing cold, windy and fairly miserable. The carpet fitters commented about the mud outside and I stood hands on hips making sure they didn't get past me with muddy boots. Anyhow, after four hours it was all over and what once looked like a house on a building site, now looks like a home..... on a building site!

The geese are still reluctant to come home. honking and hooting across the river. The cat left home too and what a journey she's been on! Last week my hubby went to the next village some 3 miles away. We knew that a cat had been sleeping under the bonnet of the car but we didn't know which one--anyhow, he stopped at the supermarket and out shot Smudge from underneath the car and disappeared from sight. She must have been traumatized not knowing which way to run! We thought we'd never see her again since she's never been far from home at any point in her life. This morning we opened the door and a very excited cat flew past my feet meowing and purring like you'd never hear. I guess she's had a long journey and I'm very impressed with her navigational skills --- ****! even I have trouble getting from A to B. She's having a huge plate of food at the moment -- How can they manage to eat and purr at the same time?


It's just 7 days before I have the entire clan over for Dec 25th. My daughter decorated the huge tree we bought and I'm trying to organize some kind of homely furnishings all around the house. We got the beds upstairs and the settee and chairs in the front room. The most important thing still is the heating. We still have no form of heat due to the wood burning stove not being lit until the chimney gets rebuilt. It's never stopped raining long enough to get on the roof so it looks like gas heaters for the whole day. If it stops raining -- who knows!

Its Dec 18th but I'm not stressed. I have a carpet--what more does a woman want? Small things make such a difference or maybe It's me, I settle for just the basic things.

I canceled my appointment with the endoscopy team on the 27th Dec-- highly inappropriate for the seasons festivities. I can't just switch off like that and go back to reality after celebrating with my family for a whole month, or so it seems!

I'm quite sure they weren't too bothered well, they didn't sound upset by my cancellation, I'm sure they'll all get to go home early that day and that's got to be good, hasn't it?


Life goes on --- anyone for turkey?


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