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Wierd Festive Cheer



To say that I've been quite busy over the festive period is probably the understatement of 2006. I'd forgotten how much hard work was involved planning a family get together and a consequent huge dinner to end the day -- I was simply out of practice and unprepared!

They base TV programmes on home makeovers and celebrity chefs. I did the best of making a shell of a home a place fit to hold a banquet and I must say no one noticed the hard work, good or bad, and I guess it was all worth it in the end. The turkey went into the oven without dismembering any of the bird and it cooked to perfection. The soup went down really well, a home made concoction of mine and it was duly eaten by all. The pudding was the disappointment of the day and the only thing which wasn't home made. Half the family decided on ice cream, the other nothing at all afterwards -- they were well and truly stuffed full of turkey.

To digress a little, we did have quite an experience in the late evening when all had gone home, belly's full and nursing a sore head from all the noise they'd made. It's not news to us that we may have something very strange living with us and I'm talking not of this life. My husband's uncle swears in the paranormal and is indeed very into this kind of thing. He rang us after everyone had left to wish us well and then went on to warning us of running water in the home. My husband was listening with not much interest -- to him it's all a load of rubbish! But as he finished the sentence, I screamed upstairs -- There's a leak! and it's coming through the ceiling! My hubby interrupted the telephone conversation abruptly telling his uncle he needed to attend to something. He witnessed along with me, water pouring from the ceiling into the front room from above. A leaky pipe you might say but, no! There was simply no reasonable explanation for water coming from, well, nowhere! We watched in disbelief as a patch of water formed on the floor with no apparent source. Underneath we placed buckets to catch the steady flow of water but it was a complete mystery. A clear head was what we needed and after a hectic day neither of us could think straight. The water reduced to a drip and with that we replaced the buckets and went to bed.

The morning came around pretty fast and the first thing on our minds was the leaky ceiling and the dreaded mess that we might have been faced with. The first job was to emply the bucket but it was already empty and my hubby cried from upstairs that the wet patch had gone too! How strange when it was almost a flood in the making last night! All that remained was a stain on the floor and we've since explored the whole of the pipe system to find absolutely nothing wrong. The water remains a mystery and we vow not to answer the phone when his uncle calls next time.

We've had some strange experiences and they all add up to an unexplained phenomena. If this is someone trying to get through, I sure hope it's friendly!

Did I tell you my washing machine went funny -- filling the whole time, my TV went bust and my carpet shrank from the wall ----- Oh yes we have had fun!


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