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Looking Ahead



I was asked recently how I remain so cheerful! Fact is, I hadn't realised I was until now. Life goes on, doesn't it? And if you live in the past or dwell on what could have been, then you'll never move forward.

I'd like to involve myself with more projects and I guess that's my New Year's resolution although I never intended to make one. I can't vow to lose weight, take on a fitness programme or return to work, though that would be my dearest wish. I guess my life has changed in so many ways.

There's not much left for me to do. I love cooking but can't eat, I love meeting people but I hardly go out in the evenings -- what do I do? Well I have to get myself out of this mess for starters, there's only me to blame. I need to join some kind of club or take up a new hobby, then I realise that although I don't socialise very much I do have a very full day.

My diary for January is full. I have numerous hospital appointments and promises to keep namely my Aunt Mary who I have promised to take out every Tuesday. She resides in a residential home but is far from elderly. This poor, fun-loving lady was struck down by a stroke 5 years ago and although words are her downfall, we have many a giggle in conversation. Her laugh is infectious, her manner so sweet you just want to hug her. Anyway thats Tuesday pretty much sorted.

My daughter is anxiously looking forward to her sixteenth birthday in February. I have a list as long as my arm in preparation. She's requested a small gathering of family and friends and a birthday cake made in the shape of one and six.

I've promised her ear piercing with gold earrings--something she's desperately wanted for years and something my husband has strong views about. You may think it's trivial, I have to admit so do I, but my husband has always scorned at the prospect, finger wagging "Wait until you leave school". It's all amounted into the biggest event of my daughter's life so far and all for a pair of earrings! Promise kept and I'll make an appointment soon. What a to do about nothing!

This year has started almost like the last and what's a year anyway? Something tells me we have tough months ahead, the winter hasn't started yet. I've never known it so warm but, hey! I ain't complaining my fingers are enjoying the copious amounts of blood and have never looked better.

Head down full throttle, roll on spring!


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