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Wild Goose Chase



I would imagine that most people would spend their Saturday mornings either tucked up in bed or doing something more pleasurable than trudging muddy fields with a stroppy teenager and hubby on a mission and a father-in-law with angina, searching for geese!

My Saturday began just as that. The neighboring farm paid us an overdue visit to say that the gander had been terrorizing his mother in the kitchen -- I knew which one of the bunch that was -- he loves his piece of bread in the morning!

The problem was in that they'd split up into two partys - 4 in one field 5 in the other.

They left home in early December finding themselves on the other side of the river. Every morning they shouted across for food but there was no way of getting them back without walking a mile around the fields, something I wasn't capable of at the time. We hoped they would simply find a way back but as the weeks went by we heard them further and further in the distance and thought we'd lost them for good, until yesterday that is!

My father-in-law was having a cup of tea when the neighbor called. We had to act because he wasn't very pleased. The decision to take the hike was made and off we set down the road, Jack Russell Terrier and all. My daughter was hiding each time a car came by hoping it was no one she knew, she hates wearing boots and looking like a country girl. I was talking to her one moment -- the next she was in the ditch hiding from an oncoming vehicle. My father-in-law was slowly walking with his stick and puffing on an inhaler whilst my hubby was way ahead with a daft dog running in zig zags in the road.

Finally we arrived at one of the fields. The geese weren't too pleased to see us and ran off, so then it became a game of catch me if you can! I had mud up to my knees but we managed to contain 5 of them whilst my hubby rounded up the other 4. The only way to take them home was via the road and what a fiasco that was. I never realised how busy those country roads had become over the years and how stupid some people are. Country roads should be treated with respect for animals and others but it was more like a race track. I could have sat on the bonnet of one vehicle at one point and his eagerness made the geese worse than they already were. In the end, he decided enough was enough and he sped past me and the geese and nearly wiped out another vehicle in the process.

We lost one--it made off under a fence but the others we retrieved back home.

I can hear the escapee hooting over the river this morning but if he thinks I'm going over there, he has another think coming! He can come here!

Sunday morning all is well -- such is life on the farm!


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