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Rag Doll



All I ever seem to do is wait! My life is one endless waiting room, let me explain.

To my family,I am wife, mum, daughter and niece!

I was a business woman. employer, independent, confident and self motivated in a male dominated environment. Now I'm nothing more than a stay at home mum.

I'm skivvy to my mum and dad -- not that I mind and every other Tuesday I take my aunt out for the day as she's in a residential home.

Today I have a quest, like every other day in fact. I'm taking a trip to our local open market for some bed sheets. It's minus 5, freezing cold and I'm making my bed in the house not the tin can where I've froze my digits off for the last 2 days.

Let's talk about patience! My family have none -- zero, zilch! My father is a born worrier and extremely eager. My hubby is slightly chauvinistic has less patience than a cat with a ball of twine and my daughter is hyper with raging hormones. To say that I'm the one who is technically ill --- I'm normal in comparison!

My father paces the floor with a bright red face if I'm more than 10 minutes late. My hubby stresses if a bag of trash is left in the kitchen for more than one day -- okay it happens! My daughter is somewhere in the stratosphere with an out of place piece of hair and then there's me holding the entire thing together.

The waiting scenario begins at 7am -- waiting for the alarm to sound and family to arise. Then I wait for things that happen during the day such as the coal supplier. My hubby insists that I watch him drop each bag and count. It's difficult to judge how much is in a bag and once dropped he could be short changing us. It's true we have a lack of trust, years of experience has taught us that lesson.

I have my sound system on high downstairs it's that kind of day. My geese are happily grazing on frozen grass and my fire is roaring warming the living room for me to put up my feet and sip a milky coffee.

My day is pretty much mapped out. For someone who no longer works for a living I have a pretty hectic job at home! So much for being medically retired. It was easier employing staff and dishing out the day's agenda. I think I was a pretty good boss, not at all stern and we had a pretty good laugh to boot. My girls were all mum's just like me and the job was a release from being mum. Independence is such an essential part of your life, to lose it you become a rag doll and that describes me very well.


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