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Just Can't Sleep!



Our first night's slumber in our almost new home turned out to be the most disappointing action we've taken this year so far. We longed for a lovely bed, new linen and our own space instead of in a tin can.

We went to bed early and the room was warm -- bed inviting, hot water bottle under arm, bed socks and a tummy full of warm milk. We each let out a moan of comfort as we slipped between the sheets, then silence! An owl hooted in the distance, the hot water bottle made a rippling water noise as I moved it around the bed and I turned over and buried my head in a new soft pillow -- this is great! I thought. The clock ticked, my hubby began to breathe deeply and then a sudden twitch told me that he was deep in slumber. I shouted " Goodnight" to my daughter but no answer -- I was alone and awake! I snuggled down further, pushing the hot water bottle almost beyond reach of my toes and I pulled the sheet up to my cheek, turned again and began to literally count sheep!

My hubby moaned and then spun over so violently I nearly catapulted out. " OY! I shouted and my hubby replied " Can't get comfy, it's too warm" It was indeed warm. I was sweating, my feet throbbing and I threw the sheets off my shoulders.

" What's up!" my hubby snapped. "Can't sleep either" was my reply.

The clock ticked. I picked it up and through tired eyes it read, twenty five to two.

My throat was beginning to burn. I was too low. I sat up and re-arranged my pillows. " What are you doing now!" was my hubby's irate question. " I'm too low" as I punched my pillows. " Why don't you get up" was my hubby's solution. But I was too warm and sure I would drop off eventually. A car sped around the bend, music so loud my wardrobe doors vibrated. " ****, what did he get for the festive season!" I groaned. " Will you shut up!" was my hubby's snort as he spun over with his back ignorantly facing me.

I looked at the clock, five past three! My mind was telling me to go to sleep but I couldn't. I had heartburn so bad by now. I moved further up the pillows again, my hubby sneered, so I prodded him sharply in the back. " What's that for -- are you going insane" He snapped, " No I can't sleep and you're getting on my nerves snoring and breathing heavy" "I'm not snoring" was his defense. Then my daughter shouted " Will you two shut up and Dad will you stop snoring"

" See I told you" I said triumphantly and with that he jumped up and stormed to the bathroom. Whoops! I thought.

It was quite a while before he returned to bed. He was freezing and I let out a moan as he snuggled in beside me. " Are you still awake" he asked . Yep! was the reply.

The clock ticked and then it began to alarm -- 7 am! What a night! Our first real night in a proper bed, proper bedroom and proper surroundings -- it was a disaster

I'm lethargic and bog eyed this morning. Roll on tonight!


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