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The Importance Of Support Groups



My grandmother always said, when making conversation one's private life should never be hung out like dirty linen on the clothes line for all to see! Her point was always taken and I was raised to keep all my problems behind closed doors.

It's therefore most unlike me to have become someone who actually enjoys sharing my pitfalls in life with complete strangers and new friends.

I'm talking about support groups. Who would have ever thought it.... me of all people, Yep! I hang all my smalls on that clothes line, telling everyone about my little troubles and you know what? It's great! Okay, I admit that I sometimes find it difficult to discuss things we never talk about! and I'm being very sketchy there.

There are things I could never discuss with normal folk, I mean the one's who live their life without ever suffering the misfortune of a chronic illness, they just wouldn't understand. I know I can discuss anything and someone in that group will have been there at some time, got over it and continue with life as only we know it.

It's good to talk and, let's face it, I can talk for England when I get going. We have such an amazing crowd. I mean who almost gets thrown out of a pub for laughing too much .... we do! Who helps each other through the worst days .... we do! Who helps with family matters .... we do, need I go on. With friends like these it almost makes having a chronic illness an advantage because without them where would I be. Of course having scleroderma isn't an advantage at all but I think you know what I mean.

My support group meets tonight. I'm bursting with things I need to tell them. We haven't met for a couple of months and I think tonight will be quite lively, maybe we will get thrown out of the pub this time.

The importance of such friends is immeasurable --- Support groups are just so important and then last but not least there's you!

What a lucky lass I am!


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