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Hurting Head To Toe

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I'm hurting from head to toe and a little bit in between

And I'm feeling very sorry for myself, life can be so mean

My teeth are hurting and keeping me awake, my hemorrhoids in full bloom

Try going to the toilet when everyone's left the room

It really makes me wonder how I ever go at all

I never eat a morsel my appetite's so small

And yet I produce a parcel, not easy by any means

I wish I could get stuffed on fiber filled baked beans!


I went along to the dentist -- Dick Turpin wore a mask!

He twiddles a little molar then for the money he does ask

This fee is quite extortionate, he sure knows how to extract

I'm not talking molars here just money to be exact

I came home with just a filling but it somehow felt much worse

The money that weighed so heavy was now minus in my purse

There ought to be a law that gives your treatment for free

My dentist is a rich man--- yeah! all because of me.

My teeth yearn to be perfect, to shine and stand out a mile

Whilst my body needs attention, all that will be left is my smile


So typical of me with priority I have trouble putting myself first

So full of silly stories and life experiences to burst

And all my friends are laughing true to my expense

I've built around my heart the strongest tallest fence

And as I sit here with my tin of cream waiting for the push

I have my suppository ready for my little tush

Is life with scleroderma, the same for one and all?

Constantly hitting a daily imaginary wall

Philosophy is the word of the day as I sit upon the loo

I've nothing else to occupy myself, nothing else to do

Funny how you get deep in thought waiting for a p....


It's going on 10 am and I really must make a start

And if nothing happens shortly from the bathroom I must part

So many things to do today and not enough precious time

So here I must depart my friend and end this sorry rhyme

I come away disgruntled with nothing more than wind

And another spent suppository down the pipe, binned!

For now I'll do the housework through all the dreaded pain

I'll make another effort this afternoon again!

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