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Getting Through A Party



As far as weekends go, this one was hectic! It was my daughter's 16th birthday and of course she wanted a small party. She had only her closest buddies and we invited several of our friends. I was stuck in the kitchen for pretty much the duration making Hors Dourves or ' horses doofers' as my hubby calls them.

She made her own cake which I thought was quite impressive for a first attempt and the feedback was good too!

There was a real sense of homeyness as the fire jumped high up the chimney. The wine flowed and the younger members disappeared upstairs, I guess with a sneaky glass of the red stuff but, hey! it's only once and if she was sick then that would have been a valuable lesson -- more worrying that she wasn't actually.

The only downfall of the evening was my inability to join in with the scoffing. I'd stood there all day making delicious dishes but could only watch as the guests devoured them all. I had a taste of course I did! but a taste was all I could muster. The best thing was that my friends didn't ask why I wasn't eating, nor did they give me pity, that's the worst thing. I got through the evening just fine and I think everyone enjoyed our little get together.

Today I'm feeling pretty tired. Last night we had relatives over for dinner and although it wasn't on a grand scale, I was feeling tortured by the end of it.

The clean up campaign has begun but not before a trip to the dentist for my final treatment.

Today will be sedate -- I hope! It's freezing -- minus 4 this morning. My digits are about to snap and I'm typing this with my middle finger and my toes -- Oh! don't mention the toes, where are they? I guess they're in my shoe but I can't feel them.

I'm about to do an interview on the radio -- Yes me! I'll keep you posted on that one. I'm highlighting Raynaud's since it's the annual Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association awareness month in the UK and I'm adding my penny worth.

Hope my fingers thaw for then and my toes return --- if not then I'll get them out at the radio station and the DJ can do the show --Ugh! Can you imagine that?


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