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Snowmen Or Snowgirl



I thought we were in for a record year of having no snow and not much ice. The temperatures have been very unseasonal, I suppose rather worryingly, global warming seems more like a reality rather than fiction.

I've never known a winter like it, I've actually been known to venture outdoors with just a jumper and no jacket such as never been witnessed in January before.

Here we are in February -- here is the snow! Weird though it may seem, we live in the far north west of England quite close to coastal areas and famous for inclement weather. The south of England are experiencing 6 - 8ft snow drifts whilst we are getting just a mere dusting of the stuff -- having said that just watch this space!

Whenever there is snow I cast my mind back to last year when looking through our bedroom window was pure entertainment. We live in a small valley with two very steep inclines either side of our property. What amazes me is the absolute stupidity of some drivers. Our little lane is a minute shortcut to the main road and really not worth the trouble of risking life and limb. It was like a car crash derby as one car after the other slid down the hill, into the field and into the previous car in front, We had so many cars in our field it looked like a junkyard and the language of some of the passengers was colorful to say the least. We placed bets on which car would be the next down the hill and in the field and it was just ridiculous to see the speed that some drivers came down one side, hitting the brakes on the bend and sliding straight on. Yes! it was entertainment and will they learn this year? I think not!

I'm looking out of the window and I can see little flakes floating down the pane. The sky looks full of the stuff and my daughter will be coming home excitedly preparing her yearly snowman which at 16 she still retains her childlike ambitions. The one last year was huge and when I couldn't find my hat and scarf, I noticed Mr Snowman was looking rather snug outside. I was probably as cold as he looked but he got to wear the hat and scarf. Lucky I had another set or I might have been undressing him. He stood there for a few days then melted along with any plans we had for finishing the roof on our house, still it didn't cause any damage -- thankfully and just sitting here reminds me of living in the tin can ( Trailer) throughout the last 4 winters. I shudder at the thought and marvel at my own spirit.

Not a day to venture out, so I'll build up my nice warm fire, make bread and watch the snow.

Winter's finally here!


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