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Turning Into My Gran



The snow never came and to say I'm a bit relieved is probably an understatement. I was, like all kids in my day, excited when the stuff fell and couldn't wait to get home from school and get out my sled. Looking back, and if I'm honest, I think I may have had the beginnings of what was to come! My fingers, toes and lips used to ache beyond the pain barrier when I returned indoors and my gran used to ward me from the fire exclaiming, "You'll get chilblains -- come away" But when you're a kid -- what do grandparents know? They've always been old and you're the kid, you're supposed to like the snow. Funny how I hear myself repeating that to my own daughter and the look I get reminds me of how I reacted in those days.

The prospect of snow, ice and the cold has me fearing the outdoors like I would melt over the threshold and snow may as well be nuclear fall out avoiding it at all costs. So I'm a shadow of my former self. Memories of childhood in the snow make me shiver at the very thought -- the fireside is much more inviting.

Global warming can't come too fast for me although the implications of such a catastrophe is serious for all mankind which kind of makes me selfish to write such a statement...but when the cold effects our condition so relentlessly, who would blame me.

Thank goodness for spring. I hear it's on it's way, not by the so called professionals, but the real experts -- the birds! My geese are laying and the birds are raising the level of the dawn chorus. Daffodils are bursting and the buds are appearing on the trees. Life is worth every penny to see such wonder and aren't I lucky to appreciate it.

Forward into March and what was it my gran said? "March, comes in like a lion -- out like a lamb" She was a wise old bird and finally I get it! . 46 and the sense is kicking in or is it I'm turning into my gran? Well that wouldn't be so bad after all!


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