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On The Airwaves



The last minute nerves kicked in and I began to wonder why on earth did I put myself forward for such a feat. I am of course talking about my day at the radio station.

I started the day with doubt as I heard that the presenter was unavailable due to illness. Fortunately the station rang me to clarify the situation well in advance by informing me they'd arranged for a stand in DJ to conduct the interview -- The nerves began again just when I thought I'd gotten away with it, Drat!

I arrived far too early It was due to my eagerness to get the whole thing out of the way.

I stood before a rather large imposing door which was locked, bolted and uninviting. Was I at the right place I wondered? I banged unceremoniously with my clenched fist, I reckoned they wouldn't hear me if I tapped like a little mouse.

I was right because I stood for what seemed like an eternity in the cold wind and noticed a few strange glancing looks from passersby. I banged even harder and the door flew open and there stood a man with a pony tail, T shirt and oily jeans. "Is it Barbara" he said and I nodded shyly. "Come in, we're expecting you"

The place had a damp smell. It was dark and a bit dingy. I followed this guy who by then I'd decided was a 'Meatloaf' lookalike, into a small room full of paper and wires and there before me a huge microphone with earphones clipped on the side.

"Make yourself comfy lass" he said holding his hand out. "Are you warm enough?"

I was actually freezing but this guy was sweating and I didn't have the heart to tell him to turn the heating up.

He began to read through some scraps of paper that transponded into the actual interview. My scraps of paper equaled his and we laughed about that. We laughed too when he asked me off air about Viagra. My hubby had made a joke about it the other night and dared me to use it. I told the DJ and his reaction was to nearly fall off his seat and choke on a cold cup of coffee. " Er -- better not use that one" he said still sniggering and every time he asked me the question or mentioned Viagra we both just burst out laughing like a couple of adolescents.

"We'll try and get through this without the giggles" he said but every time he approached the subject my nerves took over and I laughed. Luckily this was all taking place before we went on air or else we may have lost all control and the station it's license.

He played several songs and then he told me to put on the earphones--- This was it!

He began by announcing my arrival and wishing me a 'good morning' I smiled then realised I should say the same to him so I uttered, good morning so silently he beckoned me closer to the mic. He played another song and whilst it was playing he told me to speak up a little and move even closer to the mic. If I were any closer and I'd have been chewing the end off, I thought!

Finally we were on air and I began by introducing myself and the entire reason for my being there. The DJ asked me about treatments and he prompted me to mention Viagra, so I looked down and mentioned the V word without so much as a dither -- Phew!

I waffled on much to his delight I think. I must have given the impression of a shy retiring person and I bet he was thinking that, this one is going to be hard work!

Well I wasn't and I was chatting like we were old friends all about the effects of Raynauds and the need to create awareness.

The interview ended so quickly but I'd talked for almost an hour. " I thought I could waffle" he said, smiling as I got up from my chair.

"My hubby always said I could talk underwater" I said as I shook his hand. "I believe him" he said showing me the way out.

When I left the building I wanted to do it all again. It was a great experience for me and he promised me a copy which I can download onto my computer. I may be able to create a way for many others to hear the interview, I'll put my techno head on and have a fiddle.

Ask me to do it again -- Yes please and who was nervous. Not me!


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