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Annual Check Up



Back to normality -- whatever that is? I've had some good feedback on my little stint on the radio, if only from my friends who were listening!

All in all it's been a pretty average week, nothing with any substance to report. The usual stuff of nearing appointments and the wonder if anything new will emerge -- like, yeah they got a cure! -- dream on...... I know beforehand what I'm up against, a lengthy wait in a crowded room, people coming and going with slips of paper -- one department then another! Then there's the clock who's dial I swear never moves from your arrival to actually going in, now that's another thing! A room so cold and uninviting, a kidney shaped dish with something that's gonna end up being stuck in, up or around you somehow but you ain't sure where! And a huge poster on the wall showing a pair of lungs on how they should perform and how they don't if you've got something or other.... another name I can't wrap my tongue around but it sounds nasty all the same.

The doctor walks in and the usual greeting of How are you!? preceeds a stethoscope, a nurse and a file so large it's held together by string -- no expense spared in the NHS. At this point I'm supposed to answer but I never seem to get that far. I'd love to say -- "I'm all better now" but even that would be greeted with a Mmmm!

Before I gather my senses I'm stripping off doing exactly as I'm told, left alone in a drafty room with a thin blanket freezing my derrière off. I have a lovely Raynauds attack in my feet just as the doctor bursts into the room with an apology. Closing the window now will do little for my condition and the doctor marvels at the classic color of my feet. Then before I know it there's a room full of students all poking and writing in their little notebooks and I'm left wondering if the window was a ploy to kick off an attack for the students. I'm full of theories like that!

The usual stuff next. I have a form for the blood suckers, one for the elocutionist's ( X Ray) and one for the balloon enthusiasts ( Breathing test ) The other is a new one and one I don't think I fancy, it's a photographic image of my telengiactasias, can't ever spell that word let alone say it! They want to laser them off -- Ugh! over my frozen blue derrière and with that I refuse point blank to be photographed -- this is one camera shy lady!

I spend 30 minutes with the vampires getting nothing but dead fingers from the tourniquet they strap round my arm, goodness! I'm not going to bleed to death am I, I mean they can't even extract a sample I'm not about to flood the room in a hurry. At this point they either give up or persevere with a droplet of the red stuff in a tube with lots of requests written on it. The only test they'll manage with that is DNA I shouldn't wonder and I think it might have to go to forensics not the medical lab!

The rest of the day is spent going backwards and forwards like a little foot messenger and when it's finally time to go home, the drive back through rush hour traffic is nothing to look forward to.

This will be my annual check up. I go every six months now but the annual one is the biggie. And what will I achieve --- One more year's worth of something I already knew I had. Any new treatments? Maybe! -- here's to next year!


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