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My wife has just been diagnosed with Scleroderma (Three Weeks Ago - July 2014) and it appears will never be a 'runner' again; has to be careful what food she now eats; and our mountain climbing is tempered by how well she is breathing that day. It truly breaks my heart and frustrates me to no end - I'm here because I want to learn more; learn how to support and comfort her; learn how to make her comfortable; and, most importantly, learn how we can 'make the best of it' and continue enjoying life to the fullest!

She is a Foodie for sure, currently trying the AutoImmune Diet which advises to cut out all 'nightshade' vegetables - most of which is what she loves eating the most, such as fresh tomatoes, peppers, etc. She has so far discovered that tomatoes and almonds, of all things, really cause a reaction and increases heartburn / acid reflux big time. However, many other items seem 'safe' and still allows a great variety of recipe options to play around with. The 'little things' really do count and I plan to start a new habit with my wife, I have promised her to discover, cook, AND clean-up a new recipe every week-end. These photos related to the recipes I have experimented with.
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