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  1. Do you admire the photos next to people's messages in the forum, and wish you could have one of your own?


    The photos by messages are called "Avatars", as opposed to "Profile Photos" that only appear on your forum profile page.


    You may upload a photo of yourself, or use one of our lovely avatar photos or drawings.


    Before using an identifiable photo of yourself, please read our Forum Guidelines, particularly:


    Safety and Privacy Our forum messages can be read by everyone, including our spouses, children, doctors, employers, disability examiners, friends, neighbors, credit agencies, landlords, schools, insurance examiners, lawyers, thieves, cyber-criminals, police, courts, stalkers, pedophiles, ex-mates, and potential employers...even many years later. Always guard your privacy, safety and decorum on the internet. Select a unique, unrevealing nickname and username, in keeping with our neutral zone policy. Spammers also frequent our board to harvest email addresses, so we do not permit email addresses within messages. Members will still be able to reach you privately by accessing your profile page.


    If you would like, our ISN artists can retouch your photo to make it personal but still unidentifiable, such as by adding an eye mask or humorous element. Simply email your photo to [email protected] with your request or any special instructions and we will create your avatar and upload it for you. We will also gladly do this upon request for anyone who already has an identifiable avatar posted.


    We also have a lovely collection of avatars that were designed by ISN Artists. There are hundreds to choose from in many categories, including Animals, Birds, Butterflies, Flowers, People, etc. To pick out your avatar:


    1. Go to My Controls, which is linked near the upper right hand corner of each page.


    2. Down in the left-hand column you will see Personal Profile. Click on Avatar Settings.


    3. On the avatar page, you will see a dropdown list of categories, starting with Animals. Select a category from the list and click the GO button.


    4. Click the radio button by the photo (avatar) of your choice and then click the Use Selected Avatar button. That's it! All your forum messages will now display with your lovely new avatar.


    5. You may need to hit REFRESH in your browser to see the changes on the forum pages.


    You may also upload an image from your computer for use as an avatar. They must be under 50KB in formats of GIF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG. The final size we actually use is 90 pixels wide, and usually about 4KB in size. You will get best results if you shrink your photo down to that size before uploading. A good free online graphics shrinking program is: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/ .


    If you don't know what that stuff means, just pick one of ours. You may change your avatar at any time.


    What are you waiting for? Today is a great day to play with avatars and to add some color and interest to your Sclero Forum posts. We dare dare double-dare you to get an avatar right now. ;)

  2. And we will be continually moving topics into appropriate forums whenever we realize there is a more appropriate place for them.


    Use the "Search" feature in the Forum to find all the messages you have posted by just entering your username. Or enter a key word from a particular post you are looking for.


    Odds are very good that your wonderful posts are still here, and they were most likely moved to the new subforum (above) just recently.

  3. Oh, you noticed?


    The tiny blue squares are a form of member ranking, indicating how many messages a person has posted in the Forum so far. We just have one blue square when we are brand new. Then it gradually bumps people up, based on a magic number of posts.

  4. Hi Suzette,


    You are perfectly free to use the old Sclero MSN forum, if you want, at least for the time being. Whatever you are happiest with is fine by us.


    Heidi explained it well in the announcement email on the old forum, can you look back there for that email? Basically, it was having too many problems with MSN, people not being able to get access and messages being blocked. The only way we could resolve those issues was by establishing another forum.


    We also loved the old group! It's hard for everyone to change, even me. But, now that I'm used to it, I have to say, I enjoy this one more all the time, and I hope you will, too.


    If you feel awful about this, we have some CHOCOLATE in the "Grand Opening" thread. Oh yeah, ice cream and all sorts of other treats, too. Do you cook at all? If not, you can always order in some virtual pizzas for us.

  5. Sweet, the colors will appear as bracketed numbers when you are composing the message. But when it is posted, they will be in real colors. Honest!


    See, I am going to type this in red.


    In brackets, it says color=#FF000 before "in red" and after it, is says /color. That is what is called BBcode.


    If you look under the Clickable Smilies in the compose screen, you'll see the instructions for Formatting Text, and it links to further information.


    Please try it again, I think you'll love it once you get the hang of formatting.

  6. I noticed that the instructions in "My Controls" were very poor for Avatars and Personal Photos. I can see why so many of us were confused.


    I just adjusted the text for those items. Click on My Controls, and look for Avatars. I also changed Personal Photos to Profile Photo, and explained it.


    "Avatars" is the name of the photo that we can select to appear next to our forum messages. It's the one most of us are interested in first.


    Also, we uploaded hundreds of Avatars designed by our own wonderful ISN Artists today. So if you don't have your own photo to upload yet, don't worry -- pick your favorite one from our avatar gallery, and enjoy. You can change your avatar at any time.

  7. Hi Sheryl,


    Thanks for letting us know about this.


    Are you trying to enter:


    a) An avatar (the photo that will appear next to your posted messages)


    B) A personal photo (the photo that will appear only in your member profile), or


    c) A photo in the Photo Gallery section of the site?


    For an avatar, the optimum photo size is 90 pixels wide, 72dpi resolution. The program either resizes or automatically rejects ones that are much larger than that.


    For a personal photo, resize it so that it is about 150 pixels wide, 72 dpi resolution.


    For a picture gallery photo, try to keep it at about 10KB total size.


    A lot of cameras with high resolution can create enormous file sizes (in Megabytes). Ours will automatically reject images that are too large -- and/or you could be losing your internet connection.


    A real clue that your file is too big is that you "went away" while it was uploading. If it's the proper size, it should upload right away with a decent connection, and within a short while with a worse connection.


    Try that, see if it works?

  8. Well, yeah, Heidi, but I'm about dying from a sugar overdose here. Those brownies Lisa brought were outta this world. Then nobody else was around when Sherion brought in that big chocolate cake, and I couldn't let her feel bad about it, so I had to eat it myself. I'm sure you understand.


    But I caught Sarah walking out with ALL the M&M's that Emmie brought - she carried them off in a horse and buggy. Honest.


    Gene heard about Andy's rhubarb pie, and that's Gene's favorite in the whole world. I can't imagine why all those pie plates are empty now, not even a crumb in sight.


    Spidge melted all the ice cream with that sunshine, and now owes us some real food, and a few apologies.


    I'm going to start munching on Emmie's veggies and pita chips now. Does anyone around here actually know how to cook? This party is going on for awhile. I'm thinking we need some main courses and side dishes.


    But, in a pinch, we can settle for more ice cream!

  9. Hi Dave,


    As it happens, we have guidelines about putting some brand names in messages, but Judith can answer your question privately by just selecting the "Send Me a Private Message" button at the bottom of your message.


    Equally, you could just privately message (PM) Judith to ask her for the brand name, in the future, since Private Messages don't show up on the main forum board.


    Right now, we are all learning the ropes of the new forum, so I thought it would be very helpful to actually post your reply here so people could learn from it.


    You can try out the PM system at any time by private messaging me, to see how it works.

  10. Hi Barefut,


    I taught myself self-hypnosis decades ago (from reading books about it), in order to hopefully improve my healing and reduce my pain level after a major surgery. I am very glad I learned it, as it is a skill that I can draw on whenever I need, and I only needed medication the first day after surgery, at the point when I was too spacey to fight off the hypodermic needle nurse.


    Although it seems to be an "alternative therapy", there is a lot of mainstream research to bolster some of the claims made for it. There is an interesting review of hypnosis research by the Mayo Clinic


    I'd highly recommend it for many purposes, but of course to understand its limits, like anything else. If you think of it, we are continually hypnotizing ourselves (or letting media hypnotize us) every time we concentrate intensely or repeat a thought over and over. And today hypnosis is a lot more than just clucking like a chicken on a traveling stage show!

  11. Hi Barefut,


    It might be a spot of calcinosis. Or a sliver from a fall you took 10 years ago...whose to tell except a doctor?


    I had two egg-sized tumors in the lymph gland in my head decades ago. It sounds so serious, doesn't it? Well, it was a very silly thing. It turns out that bits of gravel had gotten under my skin from a car accident when I was in 9th grade. The gravel worked its way up to my head, got trapped by a lymph gland and formed two tumors....in the manner of a pearl.


    The moral of the story is do not ever ride on the back of a car wearing only a swim suit and holding onto an inner tube while the driver takes a curve at 40mpg on a gravel road.


    Hey, does it look like gravel in there? :blink:

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