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  1. just chimming in I was watching the hummingbirds at my aunts house last week and actually saw one stick out its tounge they have realy long skinny tounges it sure supprised me I live in the country and get to see a lot of wildlife bears ,deer,elk, golden eagles,bald eagles they are the most fun to watch when they are diving , i also saw for the first time last month a badger Smiles to all
  2. barefoot to me the skin on my foot feels normal it is the middle of my foot that feels funny under the skin like I have a block wrapped in my foot everything moves normal just that strange feeling dont know if that helps or not but I hope so betty
  3. wow :o I guess I'm the only bum I am a home health aide for the elderly and disabled in short just a house keeper but I love most of my clients dearly they realy make my job worth doing the worst part is when I lose one of them :( there are some truley special people in this world Smiles to all Betty
  4. shelley so far I dont have any skin involvment but they do swell if im on my feet alot susie thank you for the hope it might go away someday :blink: hopefully soon piper I'll ask dr about elavil we just got a new P.A. at the clinic I go to she seems to be a real caring dr she didn't just dismiss me I went there on thursday with the worst shoulder pain I have ever had she saw me without a appt. and it was 10 min till closing she put me on a 10 day run on prednisone (wonderful ) the least pain ive been in in 5yrs also when stoped in yesterday to pick up some meds I was having heart
  5. well mine is because I used to bee a nightowl and I love frogs so nightfrog just sounded good to me
  6. I love both of theese programs my hubby thinks im crazy but I had to get the house seasons and I watch them repeatedly I can't think of the name of the first episode that touches on it but it is the one when chase's dad shows up
  7. have you had a mri on your shoulder ? I have torn rotator cuff that is painful when I have to move it fast or above my head so I try not to do thoose things but not always a option but I have managed with this for years cause I don't have ins. can you get a second opinion sorry to here you hurt yourself though hope it feels better soon Betty
  8. good question tj I also would be interested in this
  9. does anyone else have the sensation in the legs like they are wrapped realy tight in a ace bandage that never goes away also my foot also feels strange like a block of wood between my big toe and the pinkie toe also that wrapped feeling the dr did a tuning fork test on it and I could not feel the vibrations strange just wanted to know if I was alone in this or is it semi normal it has been going on for three years thank you for all the wonderful info on this site it realy helps to now im not crazy Smiles to all Betty
  10. thank you all for your advice I will make a appt with our local clinic next week and let you all know what they have to say I hope its a good thing though Smiles to all
  11. hi I was just wondering if losing a lot of weight is normal or should I worry I have lost 50 lbs in 4 months not that I'm complaining I needed to loose it but I haven't tryed to loose any it is just comming off my pharmisist thinks I should see a rheumatologist but since I dont have insurance it will cost me a fourtune :( he told me if I try to ignore the sclero I will regret it he said that it could be fatal if I dont get on meds to control it I'm kinda scared not sure what to think anymore
  12. i also fall or stumble a lot but I've always been a clutz but it has gotten worse this year than ever before I notice it the most when I first wake up or try to hurry to do something I'm glad I'm not alone in this smiles to all :D
  13. sweet the nuro who diagnosed me back in 1990 with carpal tunnel told me it can go up to my shoulder I had both hands operated on in 90 and have not regreted that decision that was 14 years before the scleroderma
  14. thank you for your suggestions I will talk to dr about aciphex my pharmicist told me that the tums and soda water make more acid so they help short term but make more acid than if I haden't taken them at all so I had to sip about 1/4 tsp malox every 5 min till it settled down it finally did about midnight and its not bad today still there but just barely I have elevated the bed it just hasen't been long enough for it to help dr. said it would take a week or better till I noticed a diffrence thank you all for your help I guess I was just whimping uot last night Smiles to all
  15. i use a parifin dip which is a 4 to 1 mix of 4 lbs household wax (canning wax ) and 1 cup mineral oil I use a slow cooker bought second handfor this purpose only on low to melt the wax and then add the oil then I dip my hand 5 times then wrap it in a plastic grocery bag then in a towel and wait 15 min then you can peel the wax off your hand and put it back in the pot the mix lasts a long time I made mine 5 years ago and it is still good it also softens the cuticals ny hands feel much better after I do this just dont get it too hot if you have to let it cool a bit before you use it because
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