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    My mom's just been diagnosed

    Thank you for welcoming me. yes, my mom's dr. is a rheumatologist. She first started complaining about her hands being tight yearlier this year. A dr. had trouble starting an IV because her hands where too tight. At first her doctors. told her she had arthritis so we didn't worry too much. This summer we noticed her finger tips and she was having problems doing things with her fingers. By the end of summer when I touched her arms I knew something was much more serious. She has other medical problems and when she went to her endocrinologist he had placed a name to her problem by September. Round of dr visits, biopsy and other tests confirmed what we knew in our hearts. And here we are.
  2. My mom has just been diagnosed with scleroderma and Raynaud's . She is 72. And I'm frantic. I'm trying to find out everthing that we need to know to help her. I am so glad that I found this website, by accident I must say, and hope that I can get some help. She has it in her face, arms, hands and legs. We now just found out there is scaring in her lungs and she needs to see a lung specialist. I want her to see a sclermoderma specialist but need advise on who is the best and where to go. Even who to stay away from if there are any of those. We live in Bethlehem Pa and I know there are some doctors. in Philly or is somewhere else better. Any recommendations on who she should see would be greatly appreciated. Also, would they also treart problems in the lungs or would a pulmonary dr. be better. Her dr. here in Bethlehem wants her to try a medicine for transplant patients to see if it helps. I'm not sure of the name rght now its slipped my mind. Has anyone every heard of this? Any thoughts on meds for both the limps and lungs would help. Also, any other suggestions would also be appreciated. It's all so confusing right now