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  1. Hi Shelley, Thanks for the input, and I will look at these articles. Yes, I'm on SSD and Long term for my former employer. They have to keep me on long term until the doctor releases me from his care. When he releases me I will lose the long term from my former employer.
  2. I'm now on SSD and long term with my job which have now terminated me because of my medical history and the length of time I had to take off from work. My doctors only charged five dollars to fill out my paperwork. I now have a EEOC case pending aganist my former employer because scleroderma is considered a disability under the EEOC guidelines. They never tried to place me in another modality to see how I would do. I worked as a xray technologist for 14 years and the time off was about 3 - 5 months yearly. The time off just got to be longer within the last four to five years, and instead of once every 2 - 3 years, it has become yearly. Just keep documentation and if they terminate or fire you without trying to work with you don't forget the EEOC. Hope this helps a little.
  3. I have been having surgeries on my hands for years to remove the calcium ulcers. My last surgery was December 30, 2008 and Feb. 12, 2009, and I was terminated from my job because of my medical history. I have now been out of work for a year and three months with no recurring deposits on my hands . My job as a xray tech was dealing with radiations and different chemical pertaining to the job. My question is does anyone know if having scleroderma and working as a xray tech for 14 years where I get scatter radiation from patients and having to do flouroscopy in the O.R. is the reason for my reoccurence of the ulcer on my hands. If so this could be a workers compensation case. Is there anyone out there with some kind of study on this subject, radiation and its affects on xray technologist with scleroderma.
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    Thanks for the info. The SSA contacted me last week and informed me that I would have to be out on medical leave, or not working to be eligible for Social Security. I will be out on medical leave for another surgery to remove ulcers from seven for my fingers in December. I think I'm going to try applying for workers comp. I did some research on radiation and scleroderma, and in one of the articles it said radiation causes scleroderma, and I'm an xray tech working around and with radiation 40 hrs. a week. I hope this work out because it very hard for me to work now, I'm in constant pain.
  5. Does anyone know if working around radiation (xray technologist) has and affect with scleroderma. It seems every time I come back to work after having surgery my ulcer reappear on my finger tips after being away from work my 5 months healing time.
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    I thank all of you for your concerns and very important informatiom. I'm glad all of you have gotten your disability and I will certainly use all of the info give to me. Thanks again Cin
  7. I'm contemplating applying for SS disability, because it has become very painful to work. I'm a xray technologist and the pushing and pulling of films are very painful. I have ulcers on all my fingers except my little fingers. I have had seven surgeries to remove the ulcers but within 6 months of returning to work the ulcers reappear. I have heard that this could be job related but no real data. I have been told by my rheumatologist I will just have to keep having surgeries to remove the ulcers. If do this I will not have any fingers left. I do believe my scleroderma is partially work related. Before I became an xray technologist, I was a dental assistant working with mercury and various solvents. And now being an xray tech I work around radiation. Has anyone applied for disability and gotten it, how hard was it to get disability and how long did it take. Thanks Cin
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