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  1. Jeannie, Thanks for asking this question. I've wondered about this a lot. My scleroderma and fibromyalgia started about the same time. Most of the doctors in my world put them together or think there is no such thing as fibromyalgia. My scleroderma and fibromyalgia flares seem to go together also. Little Red
  2. Hi Eos Would like to extend another welcome to the forum! I have morphea over 70% of my body. Rheumy tells me it’s in remission asked him why it’s still itching & spreading he had no answer. I also use creams (keep trying different ones) also take an antihistamine so I can sleep. Hope this helps Best to you Little Red
  3. :) Hi Gigi So sorry you are having these pains, but you are in the right place. Everyone here is caring and very knowledgeable I have experienced the same symptoms, just figured it was more bone/hip pain. I still have everything except my appendix. I have a doctor appt Tues will let you know what he says.:rolleyes: Little Red
  4. Helen, So sorry to hear you are having dental issues. My advice is get a second opinion. Is there anyone you can talk to or get a referral to another DDS that would be more caring? I've had a lot of dental issues and thank goodness for the knowledge & caring DDS I've been too. My thought are with you. Little Red
  5. Hi Ced I too have major stiffness, pain in all my joints. I do lots of stretching, move my hands and feet before I get out of bed. Physical therapy also helps a lot. I was walking in the pool but had to give it up took too long to warm up afterwards. Stay warm, Little Red
  6. Hi Gina, Welcome You've come to the right place for support and info. I can't address your blood tests but know a lot about fatigue. I rest as much as possible and try to pace myself. That doesn't always help either. Try to take it as comes. Take care and again welcome Little Red
  7. Thanks to everyone that replied, it means so much knowing I'm not alone. :) I have an appt with my rheuo doctor tomorrow I'm hoping for some insights, but not hoping too much. Well thanks again, Little Red
  8. Sharon, I too have swelling feet & hands. I take hydrochlorothiazide 25mg daily helps some but doesn't take care of the pain. I've gone up a shoe size and width. Mine is from the sclero. It started in the hot & humid weather but now is year around. Keep your doctor posted so maybe they will be able to find help for you. Little Red
  9. I'm a new member. :) I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with scleroderma with a biopsy. I have morphea, linear, ?? Raynaud’s, Sjogren's, had my throat stretched twice, also have diabetes. I know if I were a horse “they†would just shoot me. I've had it at least 2 years before my diagnosis. Does anyone else out there have diabetes also, if so do you have problems controlling glucose levels? :o Not looking forward to the winter months, last year was the "coldest" winter I've ever experienced! I used my electric blanket into June. (Use it just to warm the bed up/when I pop in turn it off) has made such a difference. I live in the Reading, PA area, am married husband math teacher at the local high school, have a son (21) daughter (19) both in college. I work in an optometric office. I am very frustrated seems I come away from doctor appointments with more questions than answers. The part that bothers me the most is they don’t want to know about scleroderma or how to treat it. So tells me I’m not important enough for them to research either or both. Such as I asked my endocrinologist if she sees patients with scleroderma & diabetes her answer was “I only have two people in my practice withscleroderma, so I don’t know?) Thanks for reading, Little Red
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