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  1. I'll just tell you what my cardiologist told me. He is a cardiologist but he said he was very interested in rheumatology and immunology in medical school and almost became a rheumatologist. He made the statement once to me that, "No wonder you hurt all over, that CREST syndrome attacks the collagen in between all the joints. I bet your fingers and hands really hurt a lot." So there a doctor said we hurt. And I can tell you I hurt all over, mostly joints and back, but also stabbing pains in bottoms of feet and throbbing pain in muscles in forearms and legs.
  2. I have yet to meet a rheumatologist with an ounce of concern or compassion and not one has helped me. I'd advise you find a new one. Meanwhile I also suggest you go to a cardiologist and get a full heart checkup complete with EKG, heart ultrasound and stress test. I had to take matters into my own hands because I had doctors telling me they heard a murmur yet would not check it out. So I finally found a cardiologist who would test me and yep he found a murmur and mild pulmonary hypertension. I'm now on a calcium channel blocker to help the palpitations and murmur and incidentally the same
  3. When traveling I always remember to pack all my meds, including extra pain meds, plus stuff for upset stomach from eating foods I don't normally eat. Plus always take a jacket on the plane because many times they keep it as cold as a meat locker once its in the air. Make sure to take a hat and gloves as you never know how the weather will turn out plus an extra sweater, warm shoes and socks. I also try to take my own snacks and tea bags as you never know what kind of weird food they are going to have at the airports and many times its not stuff that's easy on the stomach. I'm preparing to tr
  4. Someone mentioned looking for genetic causes of Sclero. Are you all not aware many articles state there is a high incidence of Crest and Sclero in people of Choctaw Indian descent and also Thai? I happen to know I have Choctaw heritage though my family are considered as members of Cherokee tribe. Ok we are mainly Cherokee, though one great greatgrandmother I found was member of Choctaw tribe. From what I read the Sclero/Crest gene was traced back to 5 original members of the Choctaw tribe. So this is the real downside of being Native American :unsure: at least in my opinion. As far as s
  5. Penny, Are you sure she really understands that Murial isn't the correct word? Someone who misheard something may swear they are repeating the word correctly. Maybe she doesn't know its really mural. For the longest time I thought it was mouse meat pie not mince meat pie. And now that I need to wear hearing aids I won't even say all the things I mishear when I have my HA's removed and am watching tv. I actually am shocked at what I apparently mishear or else they are getting really crude with what is said on tv. :huh: To all, Just out of curiousity has anyone else had a neurops
  6. I talked to a new neuropsych today about getting reevaluated for my cognitive difficulties. We talked about everything under the sun mind you since he was kind enough to talk 1.5 hrs to me over the phone. He told me the thing with saying the wrong word is a sign of brain damage. For me I've had so many concussions they know I have TBI. But for others you might want to research if Sclero does damage the brain or it may even be the medications. Or maybe you boinked your head in the past too many times like I did. I do know from another neuropsych she said that certain infections, fibromyalgia a
  7. I was just thinking about 10 years before I was tested for ANA I used to wake up with swollen hands every morning. At the time I worked as a packer in a factory so I assumed the swelling was from overuse but who knows. Dawnies you didn't mention having a ANA test so I think you need to have that done if you have concern over skin symptoms. I have the shiny hands below knuckles and the skin is slick, textureless, no wrinkles on hand and also very slick and shiny on skin above fingernails. I used to have a slick forehead but I started getting wrinkles on my forehead which made me very ha
  8. Hi Purplelibrarian, Don't worry any time you need someone to listen just come here. I think that's why we are all here. I'm 39 and have been diagnosed with CREST as my doctors still prefer to call it since I was around 34. But I think I've had it longer because an x-ray taken after a car wreck in my 20's showed my entire hip area calcified. Which the doctor just remarked as "well that's odd". I hurt all over too. I always blamed it on other things because I've had Lyme disease, plus x-rays show osteoarthritis in my knees and toes. But just about every joint hurts and muscles hurt and
  9. Oh and I forgot to even mention the mispronouncing part. I notice when I reread my emails I often type in the wrong word, sometimes things that rhyme with what I meant to say. Recently I made mom angry telling her "I'm coming to visit in March" she says I said but I swear I said "April" which is what I meant. So we got into an argument over that one. Its bad when family starts noticing I am getting weird. <_<
  10. I do the same things and I can't blame it on old age because I won't even be 40 for a few more months. I never gave it any thought it was sclero related. I also have a TBI and ABI injuries from repeated concussions and near drowning as a child so I just blame all my goofiness on that. I constantly forget things especially with cooking. Like last night I completely forgot to put fries in the oven so I had only a hamburger. I often forget to turn the oven on and waste 30 minutes waiting for the food to cook when the oven isn't turned on. Last weekend I decided to make pancakes from scratch
  11. Margaret, Some people may just walk around with their hands in their pockets because they like to, especially guys. Its just when they have other symptoms of dystonia and also walk around with their hands in pockets is when you might become concerned. Apparently it helps with quieting down tremors and helping to balance when walking is why someone would do it. Also people with certain kinds of dystonia sleep with their arms under the pillow to hold their arms still. Something else I do that is a listed symptom! And one other weird thing I do is when I sit in a chair I tend to tuck each ha
  12. Jill, The only thing I found helps the Raynaud's is taking Diltiazem plus sleeping in 2 pair of socks in winter, 1-2 pair in summer, wearing gloves outside in winter and avoiding touching cold things.
  13. Hi Miocean, I have CREST and have shaking hands which has suddenly become worse the last few months. I have discussed this some in other posts but I also have other weird neuro symptoms that have started including my teeth chattering together to the point it wakes me up, muscles quivers or spasms above my knees that happens at night, random quivers in my calf muscles. I've just started making this bizarre sound that seems to come from vocal cord spasms. I assume it is somehow related to the traumatic brain injury (TBI) I've also been diagnosed with. The symptoms I listed above all show up
  14. My skin seems to scar with just the tiniest of scratches these days and it didn't use to. I have scars on my arms from blood draws and the bleeding time test where they make a little nick with a razor. Plus I have the kind of calcinosis that causes white liquid paste deposits under the skin. After it dries up it leaves behind a sore that scabs over and leaves nasty scars. My forearms are covered in these scars. I never read anyone else talking about the liquid calcinoisis deposits, but I've read about it before on this website and other sites. Anyone else have this going on? Its looks like w
  15. "When a doctor saysm "Live with it," that actually means, "I have no idea what to do and don't have the guts to say so!" " That reminds me of what the rheumatologist said to me. he said "Your ANA is borderline so you don't have CREST yet. But it will probably kill you and there is nothing I can do for you." Hence why I am treated by a very brilliant primary care physician for CREST as, yes, my ANA eventually sky rocketed and I got worse. The rheumatologist would not even treat the pain and he's the only rheumatologist for 300 miles. At least my primary care physician has kept me al
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