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  1. Thank you all VERY much for sharing your experiences! I believe that there is great wisdom in your comments, especially regarding the individual nature of the response to the sauna process. Although I am in regular contact with many of my Swedish cousins and hoped they might be able to give me some insight, none of them have any experience with scleroderma. Those of you in cooler climates have much greater experience and so I very much appreciate that. Knowing their passion for sauna, when a Finn (such as Emmi) expresses concern about the effects of sauna, it is clear that the only way to learn the effects on my wife is to have my wife test it out. Although that means I lose the fun of the surprise, I think she will benefit much more now from my linking her to this online community forum. Thanks again Michael Carlston
  2. Hello My wife has limited scleroderma (RP, intestinal motility and reflux). Her 1/2 aunt died of systemic scleroderma. Another 1/2 aunt and her grandfather on that side had limited forms of the disease. I am a medical doctor. As a present, I have been considering building a sauna in our home to make the winter easier for her. However I get conflicting advice as to whether this is a good idea. In fact the opinions range from "excellent" to "absolutely not". The "excellent" came from a medical expert on scleroderma (combined rheumatology AND dermatology specialist) but she also tells me that she does not have clinical experience with patients using saunas. That is because we live in California. Although our scientific training is a vital foundation, clinical experience is most important and that comes from patients. If any of you have any experiences on this matter, I would be most grateful to learn what they are. Thanks Michael Carlston, MD
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