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  1. My flares always start with my eye twitching. What's horrible is that once my eye starts twitching then I know I stress out because I KNOW that it's coming. Then I usually get fever blisters, then all my joints start aching, hair starts falling out (can't afford to lose much more), then here comes my stomach and intestines right after that. It's just lovely. I can already forecast the weather with my bones.
  2. This only started about 6 months ago. I can be freezing cold from the neck down and my head is sweating so bad that my hair is wringing wet. My blood sugar is under control. I'm 46 and at first I thought I'm going through menopause but it seems like the hot flashes would be all over. It just happens at the weirdest of times. I can be going somewhere in the car or getting dressed and all the sudden boom, my head starts the sweating, face gets flushed. I just wondered if it happens to anyone else. I'm on cardizem cd, avandia, metformin, prednisone (5 mg.), amaryl, hctz and pain medicine as I need it. I have MCTD.
  3. I understand how miserable this is. I was on Zelnorm too. I am on other meds now. My problems are all motility issues. I had a gastric emptying study done and my food empties very slowly. I've found that Gas X and Phazyme help with the gas. I actually have gastroparesis so I have to be careful what I eat.
  4. I've had three children. I did not have problems with the first one, the second one I had blood pressure problems and constant headaches and backaches. The third one went more smoothly but I had gestational diabetes with all three. My third son, Jason, died of SIDS at 6 months. He was healthy and starting to turn over. It was just devestating so I understand. I lost our fourth pregnancy to a miscarriage.
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