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  1. laweez

    Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    hey i have one of those too. mine has been here for a couple months. looks like I smacked it kinda.. some times it gets a lil poofy and looks like a green ganglion cyst? once or 2wice it hurt. Mostly it just sits there... hahah I know people like that! be well xoxoxox Jeanne
  2. laweez

    Back Pain And Chiropractic

    Hi all! you know my back has been killing me for 5 years. i've had bone density tests and scans and nothing ... nothing. Finally I couldn't stand it again and asked my rheumatologist for an MRI. We found a big fat cyst pressing on my lower back. I'm bummed, this is the first time I've had any Ob/Gyn involvement with my MCTD. Dr. mentioned inflammation in fallopian tubes and uterus.. i'm thing DUH (i have it every where else). I'm still waiting to hear about ob gyn appt. wish me luck.. any one have stories? xoxox jeanne