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  1. Hello Paula: Just some words of encouragement. I have been receiving photopherisis treatments and they have definitely helped with my skin and joint stiffness. Neither symptom has disappeared but noticeably improved. Also just my general feeling of well being has inmproved. My diagnosis came two years ago as systemic diffuse. I was 60. I am always amazed that photopherisis in not more commonly prescribed. Maybe cost, maybe accessibility? Please feel free to ask me questions. Walt
  2. Sorry for the rookie question but what is cellcept? My doctors have not mentioned this medication. Stem cell transplant and cytoxan but not cellcept.
  3. Shennen I started photopherisis March 2008. Twice every 2 weeks. It was going so well -skin softening-that my pherisis doctor cut my treatment frequency to twice per month starting mid July. However by mid Sept. my skin condition was regressing so we are back to the twice every 2 weeks. That was 4 treatments ago and my skin has started to improve again. Softening and less tight. Still lots of other symptoms to be mindful of but they are all stable if not improved. My veins in my arms can handle the needles and the treatment is really quite relaxing after a while. Walt
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