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  1. Hi - no not everyone gets ulcers...this is my first after probably 40 years with Raynaud's! Otherwise my Raynaud's is quite well controlled even after all this time! I've been luck! Thanks for your note. M
  2. Yes, I've read all the links and am well-informed but what I'm looking for is fellow sufferer practical tips...e.g. do you keep ulcer occasionally covered with bandaid or uncovered? Any creams you find useful etc etc So I'd like to hear fromindividuals subscribers to this forum. Thanks
  3. Greetings! My first post. I'm basically looking for practical advice dealing with care for finger ulcers. Altho I've had Raynaud's/Calcinosois for may years am experiencing my first actual persistent outbreak...seeping white fluid, since last October. Yes, I've consulted with rheumatologist and others...am looking for care advice. Thanks!
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