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  1. Wow, Barefut,

    I'ts so helpful to have an objective opinion when you're feeling subjective! You are so right! They really do just want me around. And I did leave work early, came home and watched a movie with them. Maybe I'm not such a bad mom after all. (Well my kids say the jury's still out on that one... <_< )

    But seriously, I am so thankful for this forum. I suddenly feel energized to go do some "Mom" stuff.

    Thank you!



  2. Hey everyone,


    My kids have stomach flu :( :P Yuck! They are so frustrated with me, and I'm frustrated myself, because they want me to be mommy, and I'm trying, but I rub their backs for a moment, and it causes my hands to go numb or severe shooting pain, and I have to stop. Or they want me to snuggle, but it hurts to have them lay on me. (I have grown teenage kids.) I don't have the energy to do all the stuff they need me to do for them. I feel like such a bad mom.

    I remember my mom sitting and rubbing my face for hours when I had migraines as a kid, or making me my favorite foods when I was sick. What are my kids going to remember? When I was at work today, my daughter started asking for my mother, not me, because grandma is more nurturing in that way. Any ideas out there of how to be a better caregiver, when you sort of need one yourself?



  3. Karen,

    That sounds miserable! I hope you can figure out what it is you are allergic to. Sometimes hives can last a while, even after you stop taking the allergen. My daughter had an allergic reaction to strawberries. She ate 3 baskets in one day, and she was only 3! She got severe hives, and they came and went for 3 weeks afterward. Poor little thing, she was beside herself, but the doctor said it would eventually go away, but might take a while. Make sure to tell your doctor that you are still having hives.


    Good luck with the eye doctor! Let us know how it goes.


    Hope you feel better very soon!



  4. Hi Cheri,

    It sounds like your hands a definitely worse than mine, but follow the same idea.


    My doctor suspects limited, but I don't have a definite diagnosis for that.

    I do have diagnosed morphea, Raynauds, Reflux, fibromyalgia, telangiectasia, shortness of breath, etc.


    I see a sclero spec. next month, so we'll see what they say.


    Take care,


  5. What a great idea!


    My quick fix for my mild Raynauds--if I can't get into a hot shower-- I'll jump in my car and turn the heat up high, and take a 10 minute break in the parking lot, or use it to run a few errands for work, like Post Office or bank. I also bought a pair of gloves with the tips of the fingers removed, so I can work on the computer, but still keep my hands warm.


    Tums are my mainstay for quick reflux relief, but I use milk, too.



  6. Karen,


    I'm sorry you're feeling stiff and achy again. It's like you had a little vacation, until the hives kicked in! ;) I do hope the plaquenil will work as well for you as the prednisone did. Good luck at the eye doctor!



  7. Forgive me if this has been covered a million times, but I've been waking up almost every morning with red and puffy hands and fingers, not the sausage fingers I've read some others deal with, but enough that my rings won't slip off most mornings. They also ache all day. I've had the achiness for a long time, but the puffiness is newer. By the middle of the day, my fingers and hands look all shrunken and pruny, and twice as wrinkled as they should. I also find I don't want to straighten my fingers--I can, but it's not as comfortable as slightly curled. I compensate by force stretching my hands and fingers.

    Does anyone else have achy, puffy hands that later turn pruny?





  8. Hi Sheryl,


    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I haven't had a frozen shoulder, but I did have a pretty severe rotator cuff tear awhile ago. The doctor's forced me to use it, so it wouldn't become frozen. Boy I didn't want to. It hurt! A hurt shoulder affects every little movement, reaching for a pen, typing, everything! I really hope you are able to get some relief soon.

    Let us know how it goes on Friday.


    Take Care,


  9. Hello a sharpe1,


    I'm so sorry to hear of your morphea diagnosis. I have morphea, too, although not a "classic case" as my doctor calls it. It's not deep or painful.

    There are other treatments available besides steroid creams. I definitely recommend a rheumatologist, but only one experienced with morphea and scleroderma. Hopefully you can find one in your area.


    Good luck to you, and take care,


  10. Karen,

    I'm glad you finally got some sleep!


    Thank you--and Jefa too--for the eye info. I'm just gathering as much info as I can before my sclero appt., and since I already have eye issues (Central Serous Chorioretinopathy) it will be interesting as to what treatments are recommended.


    Here's to another sleepful night!



  11. Wow Karen, that is great news! Hopefully you'll be able to get some sleep, though. :)


    Do you know what the eye doctor will be looking for when you go to see him, and why you need that approval before you take plaquenil. I have some eye issues that make it so I can't take any steroids so I'm very curious. :)


    Take care, and I'm so glad you're getting some relief!



  12. Good afternoon everyone!


    I finally was able to schedule an appointment with the scleroderma clinic at UCSF (Dr. Kari Connolly) for May 5. That gives me a month to make sure I have all the records I need.


    When I saw a rheumatologist one year ago I spent 2 months collecting past medical records, hoping for a definitive answer, but the doctor never even looked at them. So I don't want to kill myself trying to track everything down if I don't need it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should bring with me?


    I've already faxed the referral with my most recent labs, but they are a year old. My primary care physician is willing to order new labs, but isn't sure what the sclero doctors will want.


    Thanks so much!



  13. Hi Sharon,

    I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with morphea. I was diagnosed withmorphea 1 year ago, as well as telangiactasia, but I also have Raynaud's, GERD, shortness of breath, tight skin, etc. and my primary dr. suspects CREST. I'm seeing a sclero expert soon.

    I am not an expert by any means, but have found in my researching that some people with morphea may have one or two overlapping symptoms (like telangiactasia or GERD), but are not considered systemic. It's always best to speak to your dr. with any concerns, though.


    Take Care!


  14. Hi Karen,


    It can be so nervewracking to go get all the test results. Hang in there!

    My suggestion is to sit down and write out a list of all your questions and bring it with you to the appointment. As to the specific questions, I'm not sure myself, but I'm sure you'll get some good suggestions from the others on the forum. It's also a good idea to write down any symptoms you're having or have had in the past, no matter how unrelated they seem to be, you may realize you forgot to mention something last time.

    When I saw a rheumatologist last year, I didn't mention that I could not open my hands all the way, and that the skin was tight. I had just been diagnosed withmorphea, and at the time I didn't realize the significance of that symptom, I was so focused on other stuff.

    It's also really important to remember not to leave the lists in your car or your purse, but to actually take out your lists and discuss them with the Dr. :)

    I really hope everything goes well for you on Wednesday.


    Take Care!


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