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    Facial Flushing

    Dear Irene, I have occasionally what sounds a bit like your flushing. I wake up in the morning with a hot, red face. It usually goes away after a while, like a temporary sunburn. It is not like the menopausal flushes I used to have, nor is it like rosacea. I assume it's a side effect of one of my drugs, but I am not on Plaquenil. Good luck, Patsy
  2. Patsy Segall

    Domperidone (motillium)

    Hi everyone, I logged in to the forum to post a query about Motilium (domperidone) and found this discussion had just started. My general practitioner (not my gastro, whom I should consult I guess) has prescribed it because he thought it might help the problems I have been having with gastroparesis. I was relieved to read JLF's post about its good effects for her. In Australia there is no problem prescribing this drug, it has been used for many years and is not expensive. My doctor said it had fewer side effects than Metaclopramide, which I had been taking for the nausea caused by the gastroparesis (self medication - I had some on hand left over from when I was on Cytoxan IV last year). I note that the study reporting adverse affects was for IV domperidone, not oral. My question is about dosage. I am already on 40mg Nexium and 300mg Zantac for GI problems and I'm reluctant to add another daily drug, 3 times a day. But it seems to be for prevention, rather than relief once an attack starts, and so it may be that that's the only way to use it, since I can't predict. Reading about it, it seems it may help with the reflux as well. I'd be interested in any experiences with this drug. I'm happy with private replies. Best wishes, Patsy
  3. Dear Janey, After three years on Methotrexate I had 6 monthly treatments of IV cyclophosphamide last year and am now on Imuran. My lungs have stabilised. My IV treatment was suspended for a while because of low sodium levels in my blood. It turned out that this was partly because I was following instructions too devotedly and drinking too much water! I was pretty much out to it after each treatment for 2-3 days, my hair thinned, but I did not suffer much from nausea. My dentist recommended using a mouth wash 3 times a week to prevent mouth sores. However now my other sclero symptoms (skin, stiffness, GERD, dry mouth,) are worse and I believe (and my rheumatologist agrees) that Methotrexate was more effective for these symptoms than either of the other two. I take 10mg Prednisolone to alleviate some of the discomfort. As a few other people have mentioned I have been virtually infection free since starting immunosuppressants, better than before. Cellcept is not really available here (Australia) but both my rheumatologist and lung specialist were adamant that even if it were it was not an option. Unfortunately I can't remember why. Best of luck, Patsy