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  1. Thank you very much for the info; it's a real blessing!
  2. My wife is suffering from fairly frequent migraines. Is this something you live with? Do they come and go, cycle-out? I'd sure like to find some relief for her.
  3. This might not help much, it's Springfield, Missouri, but my wife found a great dentist who understands her problem and she has no discomfort on visits! You can find dentists who understand the autoimmune diseases and treat you accordingly.
  4. There is also a problem with migraines, becoming more frequent. This is the second one in two days. Anyone have any info on what causes this and possible solutions? Thank you again.
  5. Things are better. Thanks to all of you for great support. It means a lot.
  6. Her finger ulcers are getting worse. She is having a difficult time right now and the pain really affects her emotional well-being. She is quite a fine lady and I just hate to see her like this. I am passing along all your suggestions, and they are much-appreciated!
  7. Thank you. Yes, in addition to migraines, she is also having memory problems. Short-term memory stuff.
  8. Thank you. Your response has brightened my day.
  9. My wife was diagnosed with scleroderma over 15 years ago. She has stayed relatively healthy with medicine and taking care of herself. In the past six months, her finger ulcer problems; headaches (migraines); and ear discomfort (Meniere's?) have really accelerated. She also has Raynaud's. I've become very worried about her health recently and wonder if I'm just over-thinking it. Is this a cycle or does it indicate something else?
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