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  1. Thanks to all of you who have expressed your feelings and shared you experience. I give thanks everyday for the love given to me and the kindness shared with me.I am learning to accept that I can live daily with whatever circumstances come my way. I will have peace on the mountaintop as well as in the valley. I make my quarterly visit to my rheumatologist in 3 days. I am hoping for a good report. Kindest regards, HONEY
  2. Hello to all. I have systemic sclerosis and grave's disease. I am 58 and have been a professional exercise instructor and personal trainer since 1982. After the diagnosis in January, 09, I had to give up my clients and exercise classes. I continue to teach Gentle Yoga classes (therapy for me and my students), but no cardio and strength classes. I have qualified for disability, and I am so grateful for that. I would like to know if anyone has had the experience that I have had with their bodies. I used to weigh 120 pounds (very fit), and immediately prior to and after the diagnosis I st
  3. I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis in January, 09, and I applied for social security disability in May, 09. I am a fitness instructor teaching group exercise, and needless to say my ability to teach strength and cardio classes came to a screeching halt. I was approved in August, 09. I consider myself blessed. Kindest regards, HONEY
  4. Hello. I was diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) in January, 09. My doctor put me on MTX right away (7.5mg 1x week). I didn't have any side effects except a headache every now and then. I take it on Saturday to give me a full day to rest in the event it wants to react in me. I teach Yoga M-F and can't take a chance of feeling ill from it on those days. It took about 5 months before I noticed the good it is doing. I am no longer fatigued all the time, although I have to watch how much energy I exert at one time, or I will fatigue. Joints are still tight, but they don't hurt
  5. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I found right away that I could not do any of the strength or cardio classes I was teaching. Now my instructing is yoga 5x weekly and line dancing 2x weekly. I am happy to know that what I am missing is necessary for me. But, of course, I don't think this gives us license to do nothing in the form of exercise. I believe all aspects of my being (mind, body and spirit) are the better due to the yoga practice. It is a gentle yoga without the infringement on my faith or anyone else's. There is a beautiful coming together with each other in the cla
  6. Susie, I know for me it is good to massage and move the joints of my toes and ankles. Otherwise, they stiffen so with more pain involved. Yoga has been good for all of my joints, including the feet. Yoga and physical therapy was the first recommendation out of my rheumatologist's mouth, other than the necessary echo, blood, lung function, skin, and bone density tests. The pain can be so unbearable that I take gabapentin (neurontin) just to be able to walk. Wearing shoes is almost out of the question, as well as socks. I failed to mention that my feet started with swelling and pigm
  7. Perfect, My feet are like what you described. It was my feet that first alerted me to the possibility that there could be something happening to me other than just pain in the feet. The skin on the top of my feet is so thin and tight that I still have the scar from the skin biopsy that was done last summer. It took forever to heal. It is very painful, especially at the ankles, with skin peeling and cracking, and HURTING all the time. There is a good possibility it is from the sclero, but mention it to your rheumatologist, and perhaps he will want to view your feet. I know when I was di
  8. Debo, I, too, have peeling and cracking of the skin on my outer ankles, where the skin tightening is the most severe. The skin has tightened so much on my feet that I am unable to move my toes and barely my ankles. I do believe it is the sclero that is the cause. I must apply shea butter 4-5 times a day. I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis one year ago this month. My feet hurt 24/7 and I am taking neurontin (gabapentin) for the pain. It helps a lot, but they still hurt. Wearing socks is painful...forget shoes! I hope you are able to manage your condition. You can ask your doc
  9. Hello. Has anyone had success with stem cell research or clinical trials for systemic sclerosis? Warm regards, HONEY
  10. Hi, warmheart. There are so many things associated with our disease that I wonder about, such as the ANA testing and why it is so different for so many people. Like Amanda and you, I, too, am ANA negative as well. I understand that it is not the only tool used to determine or confirm diagnosis, obviously, since maybe 10%-40% come back negative. It is considered secondary to the clinical features when diagnosing scleroderma. Further testing should always be performed. There are some "false positives" that come back for people without any autoimmune signs or symptoms, and many who are di
  11. Hi, Seton. It was not my intention to not reply to your post of a bad sunburn feeling in your skin around your knees and lower legs. That is a good description of the feeling. You are not alone in that symptom. I would say that it is even more painful, as I described the pain in my feet. The resulting cracking and peeling is a pain of its own. I have found so many different symptoms and physical results that this disease encompasses...some that I have not experienced that others have, and I am grateful for that. I believe each individual's journey is similar to others, but personally d
  12. Happy New Year to All! May we find restoration to our health and peace for our family and friends. Annie, I, too, can relate in a small way to what you are living with. I have systemic sclerosis and was diagnosed a year ago this month. Prior to the diagnosis, and what prompted me to see a rheumatologist, was the skin symptoms that occurred in my feet, first with swelling and no pain, then after a few weeks, warmth, tenderness, pigmentation, and skin tightening. There was such intense pain, as , if electrical charges were being applied, and I couldn't wear shoes or socks. The sheets an
  13. Hi. I think I can relate to what you may be going through. Before my diagnosis, my feet became pigmented, warm, tender, and so sensitive that I could not wear shoes or socks. Going to the rheumatologist, I was told it was scleroderma. Skin biopsy confirmed it. The skin thickening started right away, my feet were the starting point. That was January, this year. Like you, even the blankets and sheets were hurtful. Walking was the worst pain! I was prescribed Neurontin (Gabapentin-generic) for the electric nerve-like pain, and it has made a big difference. Talk to your rheumatologist.
  14. My local SS office, too, is very patient and kind to deal with. It is my concern that staying with our current health plan might be less expensive, especially since my husband's employer pays almost half of the cost. Things will change when my husband retires in a few years. I will call my SS office for information. Thank you so much, Peggy, for your reply. Warm regards, HONEY
  15. Hello, friends. I have systemic sclerosis (diffused scleroderma) diagnosed in January, 2009. I applied for disability in May-June this year, and was approved in August. I started receiving benefits in September. I am wondering about MEDICAID application, since 2 years is a long time to wait for medicare. Should I contact my local office and ask them how to apply? Warm regards, HONEY
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