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  1. Hi all! So glad you are here! Two months ago I was found unconscious in the parking lot at work. I didn't remember getting there and have very little memory of the next few hours. The ambulance took me to the closest hospital and I was admitted since no one knew what had happened. Long story short--my heart is fine, my test for MS showed one band and an elevated myelin basic protein. My ANA was 320 with a centromere pattern. My brain scan showed "punctate changes" in the left frontal lobe which correspond to the origin of a seizure found on EEG. The neurologist is giving me gradually increasing doses of antiseizure medicine and says I need a rheumatologist. That appointment won't happen for several months. In the meantime, my balance is awful. My hands turn white and painful from just getting something out of the freezer (let alone walking the dog in the winter cold and wind). The State took my Driver's license and my part time job fired me because I asked for a leave to arrange transportation (at least my full time job is still there!!!) I am 60 years old and have had joint pain and trouble with the cold for a long time. No physician ever thought it was a problem. They just told me to get better gloves! Does this sound like autoimmune disease or am I afraid of shadows? I am active, eat well and have always thought of myself as healthy. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed! old lady B)
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