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  1. My real name, DAWN, was taken already; so I picked this one (dawnie)--it's what my grandfather used to call me. I just hope the computer never logs me off, cause I'm sure I'll forget it--that's why I always stick with my real name for usernames and stuff (can't remember anything else) HA-HA!!!!
  2. Hi, Cher: I am new, too. Ii don't have hives; but I have seborrheic dermatitis at my hairline and on my forehead and on the sides of my nose (that's what the after hours clinic doctor called it 3 years ago). The medicine he gave me for it works, though (triamcinalone spray). I have been researching on line to see if there's any connection--both can be autoimmune problems (hives/dermatitis and scleroderma).
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