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  1. Hi Penny, I am sorry you have had a rough time lately. I am glad that you are cutting through some red tape though. I know how hard it is when a doctor brushes you aside and you are made to feel like this is all in your head. Don't give up! Warm thoughts and hugs. Cher
  2. Thank You Honey, I never thought about tightening rubber bands, but yes, that sounds right.
  3. Hi Everone, I just was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before. I have had the tops of my hands swelling for years now. Latley though the tops of my feet are swelling. Along with the swelling now is coming a squeezing feeling. In my feet it feels like I am wearing really really tight shoes when I don't have any on. In my hand it feels like someone is shaking my hand and squeezing it it very tight. Thanks in advance, I just wanted to throw it out there. Cher
  4. Hi Penny, How was your appointment today? Did you like the doctor? You were in my thoughts today. I hope you got some answers. Cher
  5. Hey Penny, What a riot! I do that all of the time. I have a habit of putting my glasses on my head like a headband. I ask all of my boys if they have seen them, and usually one of them take them off of my head and say" I found them for you" ha ha ha. Life is a song so sing along. Cher
  6. Hi Penney, I hope all goes well for you on Monday. I know how hard it is to wait and wonder if "this is the doctor that can figure this out". Good luck! Cher
  7. Hey Penny, What a riot. Your husband sounds like a real gem. A keeper! I have a bad headcold so I needed a good laugh! Cher
  8. Hi Penny, I saw it too, it did sound like scleroderma was a death sentence. I feel that it is more of a life sentence. Cher
  9. Hi Penny, You are sooo right. You go girl! Cher
  10. Janey, That is such good news! Congratulations!! Cher
  11. Hi Penny, You sound like you have already been to Ireland, have you? Are you Irish? My mothers family was from Ireland, she has always reminded me of Maureen O'Hara. Needless to say I watch all of the old Maureen O'Hara movies. I love the two she made with John Wayne. Cher
  12. Hi Penny, I am sorry you are having family troubles. I know how hard that is. I have two brothers and a sister, I am the oldest and they say there is nothing wrong with me that losing weight wouldn't fix. It always cracks me up because they usually tell me these things with a cigarette in one hand, and a drink in the other. I don't drink or smoke! I don't tell anyone in my family about my health problems anymore, they don't want to hear it. I have an aunt that I am close to, she wants to hear how I am doing. Is there a local support or religious group that can help you?
  13. Hey all, We took our dog Murphy to the vet today and the lump on his side is a fat deposit and not a cancerous tumor. I was worried he is such a good dog! Cher
  14. Dear Penny, You are so sweet. I am truly lucky. Yes, I worry about my boys too. Three of the doctors that I have seen this past December said that they felt that I should go to Mayo. My aunt (one of my moms sisters) went there to find her diagnosis. She has Primary Bilary Cirrosis. I just don't feel that I am sick enough to go. I am more scared of running up all of these bills. The bills are rolling in now from all of the tests that I had done in December. Three hundered here, four hundered there, and that is our portion. These last round of "diagnostic tests" are going to
  15. Hi Penny, I just meant that my heart goes out to you, I just came home from a wake for one of my cousins that had Good Pastures Syndrome. She was thirty-five. We have so many relatives with autoimmune that I feel that I don't have any right to feel bad. My other cousin died in November from Hemachromatosis, he was thirty-eight. We have a lot of liver problems. I told my aunt tonight that I was done with all of this. I feel that this disease will show itself eventually, I think that it will become obvious. My mother died in 1981 she was fifty-three. She had rheumatiod a
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