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  1. Thank youfor letting us know! My thoughts are with her! -Anderson
  2. congradulations and thank you for the hope! -Anderson
  3. Great question, I am so happy with all of the responses since sometimes I feel like nobody else can really relate unless you experience this diagnosis yourself. Mine started in my fingers. I first noticed the Raynaud's in 2004, I blew it off as Raynaud's until I noticed my fingers were constantly "fat" My thickening stayed primarily in both my hands. I had no other issues until after the birth of my daughter 3.5 months ago. since then it has rapidly gone up my arms and is in my face and neck. I find it difficult to turn my head to talk to some one with out feeling like the skin on my face is being pulled the opposite way. I just noticed "spots" on my neck last night I now feel like a cheetah. I also have started with tightening on my hips. All in a matter of 3 months. Any suggestions on getting it to relax is welcome. I put coco butter on my neck daily but I feel like it has no relief.Hope this helps! -Anderson
  4. Ok so I have been on this medication for almost 5 weeks now and I do not feel any better. Am I just being too quick? As a matter of fact I feel worse, the skin on my neck feels tighter than ever. My lungs still ache. I just recently started on the 2000 mg dose and am hoping that the increase will help stop these symptoms since I did not have neck tightening before. I also still don't feel like I can truely get a deep breath I know it is from the Pulmonary Fibrosis but I was hoping that I would get a little relief. How fast did it work for everyone else? Thank you, -Anderson
  5. I get winded easily. I normally feel also like I can't get a deep breath and when I yawn it is a horriable achey pain in the middle of my chest. Good Luck! -Anderson
  6. No air conditioning I am there. Can there be a beach and a mountain side? I think one of these rheumatologist doctors should be so educated that they find out what causes this horrible disease anyway and have a cure.It would be so nice not to have to trek a sweater every where I go. Anderson
  7. janet, I also have thickend skin on my hands, my hands tend to swell so much that they tend to be difficult to bend at times. Mine started off with just my right pointer finger turning blue that was 3.5 years ago now all my fingers turn blue and most recently extends into my palm. i can not feel things with my finger tips really anymore. espicaly when they get this calloused feel about them. i get infections in the ulcers. i just started on cellcept I am really hoping that it will loosen my skin. my skin in my throat is also very tight and makes it difficult to turn my head completly left or right with out feeling like my face is being pulled the other way. i have a difficult time temperature in my hands. i don't know if this helps at all but I thought you should know your not alone. do they have you on any meds that are benifical? i will keep you posted on the cellcept I only recently started it. good luck!!! anderson
  8. Janet, I am sorry you are having such a rough time. PA's work under doctors and can diagnosis and treat. I personally sometimes prefer to be seen and treated by the PA's. Don't let them blow you off. You are going to be the best advocate for you. I am sorry about your frustration. I would talk to the doctor regarding your treatment by the PA. Good Luck, Anderson
  9. JEFA, Thank you. I am very blessed to have alot of family support around me. My parents live less than a mile away and normally abduct my daughter as often as possible. It is awesome to see them with her as she is the first grandchild. I am also very lucky to have a very loving husband who insists on going to appointments, (I feel bad because then he has to take the day off from work) and is in love with our daughter. thank you for your support, Anderson
  10. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I am apprehensive about taking Cellcept. I started it 2 days ago. I have a newborn little girl and want to be able to take care of her. I have pulmonary fibrosis, and tightening in my hands, arms and face. I was diagnosed 3 years ago but did not need meds at that time, then I became pregnant and could not do anything. Thank you again, Anderson
  11. Karen, It never ceases to amaze me how nursing instructors "eat their young". I am a nurse and remember having similar battles. I did mention to my instructor how we should help each other not to "weed us out". I was tortured by this women for the rest of my schooling. I would wear the invisiable underwear if you don't think she would notice but it is ridiculous that you are even being placed in this position. My sympathy goes to you. Good luck in your career. Nursing is great and I would not change it for the world. -Anderson I also got into an argument about white shoes with backs vs clogs. I wore the clogs anyway and got away with it!
  12. Dear Kiwi, I don't know if this will help. I just had our first daughter. I was 33. I have skin tightening on my hands, arms and neck. i have pulmonary fibrosis as well.So far I do not have hand curling, during pregnancy I felt great!!I was told by my rheumatologist doctor that was because of relaxin a hormone released in pregnancy to help ready the joints by softening them anyway, I had issues with proteinuria. Release of protein in the kidneys excreted in the urine. It can take a toll on your kidneys. I also had highblood pressure as a result of increased proteins. I normally have low blood pressure. I had experienced swelling in my legs because the issues with protein and high blood pressure. They put me on bed rest very difficult since I have a hard time sitting still. I had a fairly easy labor but during birth my daughter's umbilical cord snapped in half and she lost some blood as a result. The OB said they thought it was a result of the combination of increasing blood pressure and scleroderma. She is now 8 weeks old and perfect. I am of course biased. I told my obstetrician that I want to have another child. My rheumatologist told me I could not try for at least 2 years (I'll be 36 then) after I complete treatment with cellcept. Which scares me. Good luck I hope this was somewhat helpful!! -Anderson
  13. I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone else is on Cellcept, what they think about it, what reactions and do they feel like it is helping.
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