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  1. At the time I have Scleroderma and managing the Venezuela support group, I have dealt with many people asking, Why me? Why did this happen to me? It really is a bit hard to give an accurate answer that completely satisfies the person who stays with this uncertainty, I never did to me, it must be because I had a total ignorance of the disease, but over time I have not actually think people that one way or another, have a pain, so we are strengthened, they often do not understand where we get so hard to bear. Why me? Why me? is because we are very spiritual strength, which is always above any physical condition, it is because in hard times we come closer spiritually and filled with faith and hope to overcome the difficulties, because it marks a new stage in our lives, without frivolity or vanity and enter a world that makes us understand that we are above all such banality, which we do not need to be happy. Either way our friend the scleroderma has come into our lives, it will mark a new path, a new stage that we must seize to make positive changes that will help us grow and better manage our emotions, to see the world and people From another perspective, more humane, more sensitive, highlighting the good and discarding the bad, because in our new world, no room for selfishness, competition, envy, we are above all that and when we realize all that, we will be happier. Why me? Why did this happen to me? It's because we are special because we were chosen, because we have strength to face what has put us on the road, and if so, we must put ourselves in our rightful place, not understated by anything or anyone, and from that where we are, who we need help, support and sharing, and have enough humility to ask when we need, I'm sure you read these lines, to identify with everything I say. Why me? Why did this happen to me? Because you and I can, because you and I know what is inside of us and we must let those beautiful emotions we feel for the birth of a new being filled with love and tolerance ... and now that I know, you feel better? Matilde
  2. Matilde Acosta

    Localized scleroderma to systemic

    The important thing is to know the difference, the diffuse involves internal organs and Raynaud, as well as skin glasses, etc. localized and does not involve internal organs and presents the raynaud. It is important to clarify and share opinions, not to go into confusion and above all, discuss our concerns with our physician. A big hugs and I love them Matilde
  3. Matilde Acosta

    Localized scleroderma to systemic

    Hello, I hope you are doing well, as I promised and I have the result of consultation with my rheumatologist, mainly to clarify the diagnosis, my question was that for 12 years told me she had systemic scleroderma and now a few months ago I said it located. Now I explained that I had systemic scleroderma skin and muscles located in, my first thought is that they had gone mad, as I will have systemic and localized at the same time? Reading on the topic I saw was not wrong as systemic scleroderma is divided in 2, diffuse systemic scleroderma and systemic scleroderma localized. It is good to clarify this because many people refer to the system like the diffuse, what happens is that answers to an old classification of the same. I hope I have Discip this doubt and that we clear our diagnosis, it depends yaque our evolution and the correct orientation of our treatment. Receive a warm hug and thanks for sharing Matilde
  4. Matilde Acosta

    Scleroderma and Attitude

    All that we have to live day to day, with scleroderma, we know it is not easy, it takes a number of elements that we put into practice to facilitate the relationship with our family and closest loved ones, it is necessary to maintain serenity to the symptoms and to feel that people are on our side, and to remember that their suffering, as well. First, we must stand for a while on their side, and feel admiration for the patience you have to see our suffering, for the unconditional love they give us to be careful and watch for our health. We should not blame anyone for what we have, who knows why we were chosen, but what is certain is that difficult situations make us grow spiritually, make us stronger and help us understand the suffering and approach them, either to share our situation and learn something from them or to help lift the spirits. The love we give back to our loved ones is very valuable to them. I speak as someone who has the disease, but also I have a son, a chronic renal patient, and that is when a family suffers ill suffering is doubled, and properly so tell them to show understanding and loving with people who care, responding always in love. As much as scleroderma attacks us, our loved ones still deserve the best of our feelings. Remember that we are given the courage to face our dear friend scleroderma, which we must face with courage and serenity to accept no matter how it affects our lives. When we approach scleroderma with great faith and hope, always with positive thoughts and attitudes, then we have a condition that has changed our lives but should not change our way of living. We can share with family and loved ones all the moments of happiness and joy we can and let them know how valuable they are to us. Today is a very special day for us to appreciate our caregivers, who are happy do everything for us. Matilde Acosta ISN Support Group Leader for Venezuela
  5. Matilde Acosta

    Skin symptoms and muscle pain

    Hi Cristina, uffff, I really agree with your symptoms, I have localized scleroderma skin and muscles, skin very dry and itchy in some areas with dark spots, but has provided enough, but the pain if it is true that they have not sent after 12 years in the company of my friend inseparable "scleroderma", just send me anti-inflammatories, which help a little but not remove them, also a bath and let the warm water passing through the most painful places, it calms down a bit, they really are pains motion, while I'm quiet so are they ... jajajajja are imitators, but life goes on, my motto every day when I wake up is "no matter how I feel, I get up, get dressed and go" clear .... So when they invite me, because I can not go out alone. A friendly hug and forth.
  6. Matilde Acosta

    gastroesophageal reflux in localized scleroderma

    Thanks Jeanet is really a great idea for support groups, serving to help clear doubts, but at no time we stop hearing the opinion of our doctor. Receives a heartfelt hug Matilde
  7. Hello everyone, hope you are doing well, with great optimism to move forward with our friend the sclera. I wonder if people with localized scleroderma can be affectation in the esophagus and if when there is this gastro esophageal reflux is related to the disease. A hug and I love this area of union and support among siblings. Matilde
  8. Hello Miocean I love your optimism, your faith and positive mind, those are important ingredients to stay in the fight with our friend inseparable scleroderma. You keep improving and get a big hug
  9. Matilde Acosta

    Localized scleroderma to systemic

    Hi Jeanne, Joelf and Amanda, thanks for answering, are often helpful to exchange experiences with our peers and that through this cleared some doubts about the symptoms and diagnosis, which can not be done in the office, is the importance of these forums to improve the quality of life through communication. Amanda, you're the first person to share with me what the scales on the skin, and thought there had to do with scleroderma, in the body use moisturizers that improve a lot, but in the scalp, gives the feeling of having dandruff , but you can not use anti-dandruff shampoo because it makes it worse, the doctor told me to put oil on the scalp children as dryness is great and not transpired, but very greasy hair ... incomprehensible. My doctor prescribed me anti-inflammatory treating only the pain and stiffness, moisturizers and omeoprazole for reflux, I have years with this treatment, therefore, the change of diagnosis did not change much from the treatment. Recently and immediately after a very strong flu have given me, I evaluated the lungs and are good in December as my doctor was away, I saw another rheumatologist and told me I did not have my scleroderma raynaud and was well Of course, removing the limitations that I feel stiffness. My doctor said that the sclerosis is stationary. Try to find another medical opinion and I'll let you know the results. Receive a deep affection for me and a BIG HUG to all Matilde
  10. Hi all, I am diagnosed with systemic scleroderma for 12 years, but a month ago my doctor gave me a general physical checkup and told me that my scleroderma is located in the skin and muscles, and that apart from the dark spots that have already submitted and can only skin dryness and itching, I have many pains and until this I have not engaged my internal organs, but gastroesophageal reflux, which is controlled. This new diagnosis has brought me some confusion, it's like you say you have asthma for 12 years and then you say it's bronchitis, to give an example. I wonder if any of you have gone through this situation and how they controlled the rigidity constraints produces muchosdolores and daily chores, in addition to the dryness of my skin very itchy, body control it with creams but leather hair not to use because it produces many scales as well in the face. I love this space and get a hug Matilde
  11. This is really a quite unpleasant, because we produce a lot of heartburn and many times we can not eat or drink because it fills the esophagus and acid gases, is very unpleasant, often we recommend raising the head of the bed, but when it problem is, take the appropriate drugs. During many years that I just took antacids, but was down a lot of weight because I could not eat completely, then I decided to take the medicine prescribed to me and my rheumatologist gastroentrologo, and disciplined to eat, where we need to chew food well, no plenty to eat in one meal, not eating fried foods, not much chocolate, a little coffee, (but I really took off in small quantities) of all soft drinks, bread, and I feel quite well and I recovered weight, but heavy meals when the stomach hurts and I am full of gas, I recommend that no automediquen, to control the rheumatologist who tell them what to do. Share with us your experience. Matilde ISN Venzuela Support Group Leader