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  1. Morning, A few years ago we reluctantly bought window coverings after 14 years here when the new neighbors turned out to be troublemakers. We chose the blinds to still have some sight of the wonderful views up here in the mountains. I was able to keep up with vacuuming them the first year but as my illness progressed.....they are now filthy. There is actually a film on them under the layer of dust. Looking at all the slats that need to be cleaned overwhelms me! Of course my husband said he would clean them but who are we kidding. He has taken on so many of my chores and works 12 hour days, he doesn't need another item on the list! When money permits, I would like to go back to polyester sheers, the kind you can see through up close but provide some privacy from a distance. I remember using these years ago in our old house, so easy to throw in washing machine, they dried quickly and I could hang them back up looking new. I dont think my husband will let me get rid of the blinds though, it was an investment for us. Any suggestions? Kathy
  2. Kathy D

    Elbow not working

    My rheumatologist's nurse called back, advised me to double my prednisone for a few days and call back if needed. Kathy
  3. Kathy D


    You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hays The artwork alone is comforting and inspiring. I also print out relevant passages and hang by computer screen so I see it all day. Kathy
  4. Kathy D

    2" Faux Wood Blinds for Windows

    Thanks for the ideas! I like the bathtub idea best (free always works for me) but I looked more closely, appears the faux used for the blinds is like pressed wood and the ends of the slats are not sealed, afraid the material would water log and expand. If our mortgage refinance ever goes through I will hire someone to do it. Besides, the blinds are quite heavy for me to lift anyway. I have a whole week to myself with dear husband away on business, hoping to make some progress on my dirty house before he gets back, wish me luck and energy :) LOL, what a list we could come up with of household items that arent functional for anymore when faced with only a few spoons per day! Better yet.......A list of household items that work well for us!! Kathy
  5. Kathy D

    Rheumatologist Appointment

    Hi Ozzy, I wonder if you swollen throat is pressing on your eustacian tubes making your ears feel stuffy? Kathy
  6. I have used the computer for work and researching scleroderma and often want to read articles in very small text. LOL, I have to put my head very close to the screen. Maybe this will help you too. I have a mouse with a scroll wheel between the right and left click buttons. Press "contol" key and hold down. Roll your scroll wheel while still holding control key and the letters in the article get bigger (or smaller) as you prefer. Good luck, Kathy
  7. Kathy D

    Pet Peeves, Whats Yours?

    I am intolerant of LOUD commercials on tv, especially during a quiet movie that I have turned up.
  8. Kathy D

    Making text on computer screen larger

    LOL Poet!! My dogs like to lay under my feet and frequently catch the mouse cord. The mouse hits our floor and breaks. Last year I bought 10 new mouses on ebay for $20 so I can replace them quickly without having to go downtown and pay full price for another one. LOL, the things we put up with for our pets god love em! Kathy
  9. Kathy D

    Chat room

    Hi Sheryl, I cannot get it either. Will see you on Wednesday or next Sunday. Take Care!
  10. Kathy D

    SSA Compassionate Allowances

    Hi Peggy, I just searched and searched for your Nov 2008 post and could not locate it. Could you give me more info? Do you remember the date you posted? Or, was it in reply to anothers post or did you post it? Thanks!! Kathy
  11. I ran across a post on the internet that mentioned Scleroderma as one of the rare diseases covered, but cannot verify it. Does anyone have more information about this? Have a good weekend. Kathy
  12. Kathy D

    Clinical Exam

    Happy Friday Morning to all. I think my exam went well last night. The doctor said it appears I meet the objective criteria, but of course, its not up to him. Think I will know in 6-8 weeks. For anyone interested, here is my experience. I saw on the internet many are disappointed with short 15 minute exams so went in expecting that, but my exam was over 1/2 hour and more thorough than other doctors I've seen. I didn't know how to prepare so I arrived with discs of pictures, xrays, and a huge file of medical papers from my doctors. Impressive, he held a very thick report that contained all that information. He had studied it prior and was already versed about me! It appears the SSA identified some key criteria for him to examine/verify. Next? I have been having pain in a certain joint and SSA asked for an xray of that exact joint though I didn't mention it in my initial application so many months ago. I am guessing they found something in my more recent medical records from my doctors that mention a problem with that joint. If this is true, I find it quit impressive. Thank you all for your support through this process. I still get sad/angry over the fact that I once had the ability to earn more than quadruple the amount I qualify for, but at this point even this small fraction of my old income is a huge in sustaining. I hope to return someday soon, several years have gone by already but I still have hope. Warm gentle hugs, Kathy
  13. LOL, the doctor I saw last night was for examinations only, not treatment! I will ask on my appointment in November with my regular doctor, or go in on an urgent call appointment if it gets worse. Kathy
  14. Happy Friday, I was told to take my blood pressure if I feel this way after being prescribed procardia for Raynaud's several months ago. So far bp is a bit low but still good when I take it. I dont think its the procardia since I had several months of taking it with no side effects. Any of you feel like this too? Thanks, Kathy
  15. I think I can rule out the methotrexate. You were sooo close Amanda, as a matter of fact my doctor recently increased the dose! Today is methotrexate Thursday, take the dose tonight, but the lightheaded faint feeling is strong today (before my weekly dose). I love my house, great place to be stuck as I don't get out much, but this hugging the walls thing is becomming a bit much :) Will update after appt this evening. Kathy
  16. She is 84 and sharp as a tack! I would love to send her messages and pictures, and I know she would use it to communicate with others. I am not able to afford paying for a monthly internet fee or computer. Any suggestions appreciated!
  17. Thanks for all the kind replies :) I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and will definately address it. Will let you all know. Kathy
  18. Kathy D

    fingernail Ridges

    I struggled my first 25 years with thin weak nails till I finally found a multivitamin that didn't upset my stomach. Noticed a huge difference in my hair and nails quickly.
  19. Kathy D

    IMURAN Decision- Help Me

    Morning Sandra, My sclero specialist has me on methotrexate, he said it would not help scleroderma but should help my joints, fever and fatigue. Sure enough I have noticed some improvement in these symptoms. I wonder if your doctors are talking about different sets of symptoms? What improvements have you had on the Imuran? Those improvements if any might help you decide to stay on it or not. Good luck and I am curious to hear how it turns out. Kathy
  20. Kathy D

    fingernail Ridges

    Hi Imagine, I hope this message finds you well, I was told these ridges can indicate a rheumatic disease. Sure enough, I got them before my other symptoms showed up on a few fingers and my big toes. From what I saw on the internet they are usually in an article about RA, but of course, RA is much more common than sclero. My doctor told me not to worry about them, cosmetic concerns only. The only thing that bothers me is if I break a nail with them, the edge of the ridge is sharp and and thicker, nothing my nail file can't remedy so far. Take good care of yourself! Kathy
  21. Kathy D

    Low grade fever. what to do?

    Hi Nata1979, Sorry you are ill and dont have insurance, I was in your shoes 9 months ago. I ran a fever for 2 years, nothing would relieve it. Ibuprophen, acetomenophine and aspirin did nothing. Even after my doctor prescribed prescription strength long lasting NSAID's my fever remained. The only thing that finally lowered it was another prescription, (methotrexate). It suppresses my overactive immune system, but you need to see a doctor for that. Good luck and look into your city/county clinic, they will charge you on a sliding scale and sometimes its free. KD
  22. Hello, Hope this message finds all of us coping well :) I have taken one dose of Methotrexate and I think I am feeling better. I am usually a zombie by 7 pm and in bed by 8 pm but have made it 9:30 several nights since my first dose of Metho. I wonder if I am having a placebo affect, as I have high hopes for this medicine. Is it possible its working already? The doctor said 4-8 weeks for it to start working. I went to the supermarket the other day and actually shopped, normally I would barely make it out to my car with only a few essentials we needed ie, toilet paper, cat food and some prescription drugs. I have made some positive changes in my diet/nutrition, but find it hard to believe those changes are responsible for the large improvement. Thank you for any insight you can offer, Kathy
  23. Kathy D

    Skin Tightening?

    Hi Summer, That sounds alot like my Raynauds attack. I used to get them so bad in my feet it felt like my skin was splitting when I walked. Good luck and let me know what you find :) Kathy
  24. Hi Everyone and Shelley, Thank you for all you thoughts. Shelley, with all you do, where do you find the time to keep track and give individual attention to so many of us? Thank you for thoughts and caring and looking out for us :) Luckily, I am confident my new sclero expert is not trying to overturn my diagnoses. He called me personally to explain my ANA patterns. He said he wished I had the nonspecific patterns again, ran the test twice, but unfortunately both most recent patterns could indicate more severe sclero (I wonder if he was hoping for crest). And of course my scl-70 was positive again too. I see him again in late Sept and will be sure to clarify everything. Hugs to all and have a great weekend. Kathy