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  1. Janet,


    I am so sorry, that is a tough situation. Personally, I'm not sure I'd want to back to a place that didn't seem to care about me.


    I'll be interested in what you decide, now that you have some great information from Jeannie.


    Take Good Care!



  2. Hi Monica!


    I am new to all this so forgive me if I mis-speak.


    I have severe raynauds now and think my cold hands and feet were happening for years before I had a name to put on it. I made a deal with dear husband in 1993 (yes, 16 years ago) that if my nose "felt cold to the touch" we could turn the heater up higher.


    My hands and feet however did not start turning purple till about a year ago, though the temporary swelling and red hot stuff has been going on for many years. My hands and feet for now are pretty swollen and have been helped with medications, it is now Raynaud's. I have learned to like gloves, use an ice scoop, can cooler sleeves for my daily soda, and keep the gloves everywhere like the car, purse, and front door, hope this helps you too :)



  3. Haha,


    What an amateur!


    He had a handtowel over my bust and asked me to roll on my side, my torso moved but the towel did not! He covered me up in a split second before I even realized.


    And to think I went to the trouble of making sure my bra was concealed under my jacket over there on the chair.

  4. Thanks for your replies all!


    I wish so many of you could sleep more!


    I am up before dawn most days, so now nodding off earlier and that seems to help, except I miss out on time with dear husband since he works all day. We'll get it figured out.


    I mentioned this to the rheumatologist and he did not seemed concerned, what does interest me though is that the 8-10 hours per night actually started almost 2 years before my sclero symptoms..........hmmmm..........


    I really appreciate hearing from all of you and will do my best to let the body rests when it want if you do the same :)



  5. Yes Jeannie,


    It was VERY interesting!


    Actually not what I was expecting at all! I thought I would be like trying to blow up a balloon or something but the tube was much bigger than I had imagined so my breath didn't go as far as it would have with a balloon. :rolleyes:


    I really had to watch and listen to the gal giving me the test for directions even though she instructed me beforehand.


    The gal mentioned that if my first test had been lower she would have tried me on a bronchiodilator, so wondering at this point in time if that is good or bad.


    Anxious to get the results.


    Thanks Jeannie!


    Take Good Care,



  6. Any kind of water exasperates the healing "dead skin" on my finger ulcers when they get wet for a while so I have not been doing dishes, but I think I can now. :)


    I loaded up the dishwasher withOUT pre-washing or even getting off all the food from the plates, I just let them soak in hot water for awhile and put them in.


    It turned out great! Even my coffee cups!


    I did not load it really full like I used to, but who cares if I have to run it more often if they all turn out clean! At least I am taking back a chore that I used to do with pride, a labor of Love.


    Thanks again Razz for making me rethink about my dishwasher,



  7. Ladies (and Kamlesh),


    I cannot thank you enough for the kind supportive responses. It means so much to me to be part of a group that understands.


    I have read each of your posts multiple times and really took to heart what you have said to me. Please understand how helpful your words have been for the last few days! From the bottom of my heart thank you:)


    Dear husband is picking up my first scrip of Plaquenil tonight and I hope it helps me to find my new "normal", (haha) though I heard it takes time to kick in.


    I am on Paxil right now and it has been a miracle for me. Unfortunately I am not a stranger to clinical depression, on the other hand, dear husband and I can recognize things pretty quickly now if I do start that slippery slope.


    I feel fortunate that I was diagnosed so quickly (thanks SCL-70!) and that my rheumatologist is taking good measures, baselines, told me to take my blood pressure daily, and even fit me in on his "no patients paperwork only day" to review bloodwork and start treatment.


    Take good care all of you, promise I will too!



  8. Nice to meet all of you,


    I am 38 year old female, no children but married to wonderful husband.


    I was shocked that my story has so much in common with some of your personal stories, swollen hands, nonfreezing "frostbite", fever, fatigue and joint pain.


    Guess I am shocked in general, one minute employed and had endless energy, and now surfing the internet for scleroderma prognosis.


    I used to be pretty, energetic and fun loving. I have turned into a blob that walks funny does nothing but surf most the day and I look so tired, look so old. My house has deteriorated and doing laundry or showering is challenging with finger ulcers. My husband now does the cooking and most dishes but I never realized how much I did to keep the house running and comfortable. My plants are dying because I have not watered them and I am still working on potty training our new puppy even though he is 5 months old. The decline in job performance probably influenced my getting laid off.


    Sorry to be a downer, any advice is be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you for accepting me and I look forward to sharing and supporting with you.