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  1. I am now in search of my third rheumatologist. The office staff was awful. The doctor seemed to have given up. I asked about two different medications and he said they weren't proven. Jblake, keep looking. Write a letter to your insurance company and the doctor's office. Make it known that the doctor was horrible! Good luck and keep fighting!
  2. My hands and fingers really hurt and I can't make a fist now. I can't peel an apple with a knife. Also cutting with a knife has been killing me. Any ideas on how to make adjustments? It's very frustrating.
  3. Update: I had the EMG test. It wasn't too bad. It felt like someone was hitting your funny bone. The neurologist tested my arms for carpal tunnel syndrome. Everything is normal.
  4. I used to be more white first, now it is mostly blue-purple. My fingers stay that way longer too.
  5. I went to a neurologist because my hands have fallen asleep during the night. I also have Raynauds. He said I need a nerve test. He wrote a prescription that said EMG. He said it can be painful. He was not a very talkative doctor and I didn't like his vibe. I am going to see another neurologist. Should I go through this test? I read online what it is and it doesn't seem pleasant.
  6. My holistic doctor checked my D levels and they were very low. I'm sorry but the conventional doctor has never checked my levels. Maybe I will ask next time. I take a D supplement now.
  7. Jeannie, Have you met my doctor? She always says to call if you have new symptoms. I didn't know that was not a good sign. I never know what new symptoms I should call about. Is it scleroderma or something else. I usually just wait for the follow-up appointment which is usually scheduled for every 4 months.
  8. Why are doctors so insensitive sometimes? I wish you all the best. I am having a hard time finding a competent (conventional/MD) doctor myself.
  9. Just an update. My primary doctor said I just had an ankle sprain. He would not refer me for physical therapy because he said the rheumatologist knew best. He has an excellent bedside manner but I always get the feeling he has no idea of what he is doing. I want to get a second opinion from the rheumatologist.
  10. Ashu, Doctors can be wrong. It's my body. You say physical therapy is important. Well, my rheumatologist said it wouldn't be of use. I know she is wrong, but I need her referral to get physical therapy. I go to the doctor to see what is wrong. I want a diagnosis. The treatment is my decision. I am going with alternative therapies at the moment. I have had experiences of side effects and the doctors say it's a coincidence or it wasn't supposed to happen. Gee that really helped, doc. I am going to my primary care physician today because my ankle is swollen and it hurts for no reaso
  11. Thanks for the link to the website. I am doing alternative therapies. I found fish oil has helped with my pain. When I stopped taking it, I was in a lot more pain. I am getting diagnosed by conventional doctors and being treated with alternative medicine. That's my plan, so far. I was tested for heavy metals and took suppositories to remove the metals. It seemed to help get rid of the metals. I feel I am given more attention when I go to an alternative doctor than the traditional doctors. I don't like doctors just writing a prescription and telling me to be on my way. I someti
  12. I'm 35, female and am new to the forum and was diagnosed with limited scleroderma last year. I can't walk without pain anymore. If I sit for a long time, it is hard for me to get up. My knees hurt. I can't open a jar or anything anymore. I have Raynaud's. Sometimes I have pains throughout my body and don't know if it is scleroderma. The rheumatologist is not helpful. She says physical therapy or acupuncture won't help. I have exercises to do that the chiropractor gave me. I'm just lazy and I hate exercise. I don't want to take medication unless I have to. Another doct
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