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    Vegies on the Grill

    YYYUUMMMM Vee, You're making me hungry! I'm going to try the potatoes that way. Another version is to slice onions with sliced potatoes (not to thin) and then put Catalina dressing on top in a foil packet on the B-b-Q.
  2. Piper


    Hi Peanut, My lower leg and foot go numb and sometimes painful. My Dr. said mine is from peripheral neuropathy caused by the arthritis in my hip. Sometimes my lower legs feel numb and swollen too so I guess it can also be caused by pressure on the nerves. Hugs, Piper
  3. Piper

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    HI, I've read that the fresher the egg, the more difficult it is to peel. I bought one of those hole pokers in Germany. By piercing the end it prevents the shell from cracking while it's cooking.
  4. Piper


    Hi Emmi, I wanted to ask you about Plendil. I suffer from migraines as well and that is why my Dr. put me on Atenolol, a Beta Blocker. My migraines have been good but my raynauds is much worse. How are your migraines on the Plendil? I will ask my Dr. about it. I'm not looking forward to another winter with bad raynauds. Thanks, Hugs, Piper
  5. Hi Maddy, I just wanted to say that my creatinine came back high (I wasn't told the #) and my Dr. had them do a GFR and it showed that my kidneys were only working at 72%. I did not have any protein in my urine so my Dr. said it was nothing to be worried about. He said it could just be the way my body works or maybe from the NSAIDS I've taken. I really don't understand it all but I wouldn't worry yet until you know what you're dealing with. It sounds like your Dr. is ontop of it. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  6. Hi, This is really interesting from a Canadian's perspective. My G.P coordinates everything so I don't have to worry about that but.... I also never see lab reports, test results or what is written in the Dr.s notes unless the Dr. wants to share it. Thankfully I have an excellant G.P who seems to stay on top of everything. I didn't even know that my WBC was always low until just recently. Is it the same in your province Gizzele? Hugs, Piper
  7. Piper

    Weight Gain From Lyrica

    Hi Jackie, I take amytriptylene an antidepressant for night time pain and it causes weight gain also. It make me ravenous, especially for carbs and sweets all the time. The pharmacist told me that when I feel hungry for sweets to eat fruit instead and it has helped some but I have still gained weight from them. I am also in the throws of menepause and I'm sure I'm depressed too as I don't really have a diagnosis yet and I am still going through the "is it all in my head" stage. I find it helps to write down everything I eat and then I see where I have to cut down but it doesn't stop the craving sweets, unfortunately. Hugs, Piper
  8. Piper


    Hi Erin, If your Dr. is recommending it then I would definitely have the test. I have had 2 of them. The first one in my early 40's because I was having bowel problems and they were checking for colitis and then the second one five years later. I am so thankful that I had that one when I did because they found 2 polyps. One was okay but the other was a sessile adenoma ( the kind that becomes cancer) and they removed it. They recommended that I have another in 2 years to make sure there aren't any more polyps that they may have missed. It's a very easy test as the others have said as you are sedated.The prep is a little rough but I found that drinking warm clear broth helped with hunger. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  9. Piper

    Vegies on the Grill

    Hi, I cook asparagus in a very hot oven at 500 degrees or on the b-b-q in a metal pan. I baste them with olive oil and when they're starting to get brown I squeeze fresh lemon juice on them and grate parmesan cheese ontop. I'm addicted to this but my hubby is getting tired of asparagus, we have it so much now. Hugs, Piper
  10. Piper

    Our Pets...

    Hi Peanut, My daughter told me that the vets carry something called recovery formula and no cat or dog can refuse it, it's so yummy and they give this to animals when they are nursing them back to health. Also some type of food call A/D. Maybe you could ask your vet if they have something like this. Just a thought, my animals won't eat tuna but love salmom. They have expensive tastes. lol Hope you have luck with something so she doesn't have to be hospitalized. Good luck! Hugs, Piper
  11. Piper

    Our Pets...

    She is soo sweet peanut. My dog likes to get in the shower with me and loves to swim in the pool too. Hugs, Piper
  12. Piper

    Our Pets...

    This is such an upbeat topic, I love hearing about everyones pets. Sweet, I'm so sorry to hear about your wee kitten. That leukemia can be very bad and if it's the kind that I think it can spread like wildfire. At our zoo we have 1 dog, a Westie name Tallulah, 1 cat named Ariel, 2 rescued Guinea Pigs named Pot Pi & Momo, 1 mouse named Duncan, 1 small gupey fish that resides in the downstairs powder room (so the cat doesn't get him), and a pond full of goldfish. On the wild side we have a baby possum that comes to the pond at night to drink and we've named her Blossom, the Awesome Possum. lol Some of our animals were acquired through our daughter who's just graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician and I'm sure we'll have more as she can't leave an animal in distress or without a home. Hugs, Piper
  13. Piper

    Is Anyone Growing Their Own Vegies?

    Hi, This year I have 3 kinds of tomatoes, plum, grape and yellow. I planted yellow and green beans but they're finished now, 8 hills of potatoes (I love to go and dig them fresh for supper), some herbs and some sunflowers for the birds and, to make me smile. :) I find it difficult now to grow too much, too hard to prepare the soil ect. but it's something I can tinker around with when I'm feeling up to it. I used to grow a green maure in the winter and dig it in the next spring and also rotate my plants. I'm strictly organic. We compost all year and add it to the garden in the spring. We also get free compost from the town and I spread that on the flowers and lawn and they really love it. Higs, Piper
  14. Piper

    High Pulse Rate

    Hi Lizzie, Thanks for posting. I find that interesting and I'm going to run it by my g.p next time I'm there. If it can be helping my raynauds at the same time as migraines I should be on it. It was explained to me that they were 2 different problems with the blood vessels. Frankly I've been a little worried that I was getting the right treatment as my kidney function is down with no explanation. Thanks again, Hugs, Piper
  15. Piper

    High Pulse Rate

    Hi Peanut, I was having a resting pulse above 100 also. I was put on a Beta blocker because my BP went up and it has brought my pulse down to the low 70's. The only problem is the beta blocker makes my raynauds worse. My Dr. decided to go with this instead of a calcium channel blocker because of my migraines. He said that the ccb would make them worse. I don't really understand it all but I do feel better with the lower pulse but I have to be diligent in keeping warm. Hugs, Piper
  16. Hi Susie, I'm not sure what you mean but you can have 2 of the 5 food groups per day. I include starchy things like potatoes and corn in the bread section. In the fats I include salad dressing, peanut butter, butter or oil. In the milk I have either milk or yogurt( I love the activia vanilla flavor with some blueberries stirred in) or some cheese. I make a list in the morning of all the groups and when I have something I tick it off and then I know how many I have left. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  17. Hi James, Welcome to the forum! You'll get tons of helpful info and support here, they are all so great. I also take a drug that makes me ravenous and I had gained weight. One thing that the druggist told me that was helpful was to eat something nutritious when I felt hungry like an apple or banana rather than cookies or chips. I also started on the 2 diet ( well I call it that) but it works like this. You eat 2 of everthing every day, 2 servings of meat, 2 of milk, 2 of fruit, 2 or more of vegetables, 2 breads, and 2 servings of fats (which includes peanut butter). I did loose weight and I try to stick to something similar now and I'm eating better than I ever have because I'm getting all the food groups in and omitting the junk. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  18. Piper


    Hi, I'm glad to hear that you folks are seeing some positive results from the laser. I went in to have a few skin tags removed from my neck and under my arm about 6 weeks ago with a laser. Now I have large red spots instead of skin tags that don't seem to be going away. My mother went with me and had some removed at the same time and she doesn't have a mark where hers were removed. Must be my skin. Oh well, what's a few more spots, as long as they're not on my face. Hugs, Piper
  19. Piper

    Trigger Fingers

    Hi Sharon, I have a trigger little finger also. It happens when the tendon that slides in and out of a sheath gets stuck because of inflammation. My Dr. told me not to force it when it gets stuck and he also said that the surgery for it is quite often not successful. So, I guess he was telling me I have to live with it. Mine comes and goes and medication does help me. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  20. Piper

    Dizzy, Nausea, Esophburn

    Hi Barefut, I go through times like Lizzie that my Gerd is worse at night and I get a pain in my back. During those times I take some Gaviscon as well as Nexium. I once took some probitotics, I'm not sure of the name but, they were made from pineapple and very acidic. Now I know that I can't take them. I also had to stop taking an ester C tablet with iron because that was increasing the acid in my stomach. Take care, Hugs, Piper
  21. Piper

    Vitamin B Complex

    Hi Peanut, P.P.I is short for proton pump inhibitor drugs like nexium. Hugs, Piper
  22. Piper

    Vitamin B Complex

    Hi, For a while I was taking an ester C tablet with my iron at bedtime. My Gerd got much worse and I couldn't figure out why. When I stopped the C it improved. I thought that the Ester C was supposed to be less acidic but I guess it's still too much for my system. I was told by my pharmacist that I should be taking a calcium tablet if I am on a P.P.I for Gerd long term. My Dr. has never mentioned it to me and I'm not going to be seeing him any time soon, I hope. Has anyone else been told this? Just wondering. Hugs, Piper
  23. Piper


    Hi, I have suffered from migraines with aura since I was in kindergarten although I didn't know what to call them till I was in my 20's. It was difficult to find a medication to treat my high blood pressure without affecting the migraines or the raynauds. The medication I take is atenolol. My migraines have been less frequent since I started it but... my raynauds has been worse. I believe one causes dialation of the blood vessels and the other constriction, but if I'm wrong, someone please correct me. Either way I have twitchy blood vessels so I believe there is a connnection. Hugs, Piper
  24. Piper

    Mentally Exhausted Newbie

    Hi , Thanks Sweet, I believe that's what he means by the term. I just wish it would stop grumbling and go away. ggrrrr!! Wow Jefa, Thank you so much for researching and actually finding something in reference to grumbling. I've searched and couldn't find a darned thing on it. I know that I have symptoms of several diseases but not enough to pin down on any one. I wonder what the difference is between "grumbling and UCTD"? I asked if I could have UCTD and was told, no mine was grumbling??? Maybe because my ANA has never been higher than 1:160. It can't be too bad or I would have a diagnosis by now, wouldn't you think? If anyone asks why I don't feel well I just tell them I have arthritis, which I do. Hugs, Piper
  25. Piper

    Mentally Exhausted Newbie

    Hi Sharon, Welcome to the site. I'm another without this diagnosis. My Dr. calls mine grumbling disease. I have the positive ana in a nucleolar pattern but only in a low titre. I have so many other symptoms tho. I also have GERD, raynauds, arthritis, leukopenia, anemia, very dry eyes & mouth, telangectasia on my face, periperal neuropathy, fatigue, lower kidney function, s.o.b, and hard skin on my hands and the inner part of my elbows. Even tho I don't have a diagnosis I find lots of help and support on this site for the symptoms I share. Mine, whatever it is, is developing slowly which is good. I've read that UCTD can remain the same which is positive for you. I know how frustrating it is not to have a diagnosis but to know you are sick. Take care, Hugs, Piper