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  1. :o Wow, thank you sooo much guys for the input. I really feel so much better hearing other patients and family's perspectives. I might email the thread to my sister so she can print it out and show it to my mum - who is still a bit afraid of the Internets, sadly. Maybe one day I'll coax her in here. This illness, more than any other one I've read, is truly a day by day thing - one day you have a setback, next day you're full steam ahead. Bizarre, eh? My mum is slowly but surely getting her appetite back - I think once she's in rehab she'll feel far more motivated, since she'll be doin
  2. Hi there folks, Ok, so my mum (whom I posted about in another thread) is still in the hospital, but is slowly getting better from the problem that sent her there (i.e. inflamed liver and hepatitis probably due to too much of her pain medication). She'll need rehab to get her strength back and hopefully to get her exercising. She has a slew of medical issues (the usual lovely suite of scleroderma and CREST symptoms - renal failure, skin issues, pulmonary hypertension, GI issues, etc.). I wanted to get some advice on trying to encourage someone to eat even when they don't feel like it
  3. Hi folks, I don't post here often - I think I had another user name, but I can't remember it, so I can't remember if I've filled in any information. Anyway, my mum has diffuse sclero with some serious organ issues - you name it, she's got it (pulmonary hypertension, kidney issues being treated via dialysis, usual skin and circulation issues, plus now in hospital for viral hepatitis for the past couple of weeks). We've been living with this monster for so long, it all goes into a blur what she's been on and when; she's on the usual cocktail of meds (various ACE inhibitors, Viagra, etc. et
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