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  1. Hello again, Kelcie's is much different, when she was 2 we noticed that when she was in the sun parts of her skin would tan, and other areas would stay white. The doctors just kept telling us it was a pigment problem. Then last October we found out she had an extra bone in her right foot so her orthopedic said we needed to have it removed. That is when the rash popped up, in the same area were they deaden her leg for surgery, the orthopedic thought it might be a reaction from the shot. But she has nothing on her hands, only legs, back, stomach, ankles, arms, face and back of knee
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    Thank you all for, responding to my message, I have been in agony trying to find someone that could relate to what we were going through. To answer Jefa's question, when the rheumatologist seen her skin and listened to all the leading events that brought us to her, she immediately put Kelcie in the Hospital she started her on chemo, high dose steroids, vitamins and did a lot of different test while we were there. 3 days, Now that we are home Kelcie has, PT, OT, Message therapy and ultrasound therapy three times a week. (I am beginning to think that 3 is our lucky number) She takes her Chemo s
  3. Hello My 15yr old daughter was diagnosed with scleroderma on February 11th. I will never forget that date, it is 4 days before my husbands birthday and 3 days before my daughter's first-ever valentine's date. She missed it because we were in the hospital. Let me start from the beginning, in December of 2008 we went to a walk in clinic, because we were unable to get in with her Primary care Doctor,who did not have an appointment for several weeks. Any way we found a rash on her right hip. She complained of it hurting when she lay on her right side and the skin was very dry, and white. The lit
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