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    New and considering stem cell transplant

    Beth, Thanks for sharing this update with us. I think many of us wonder if we should do the stem cell transplant. I myself have wondered, but according to my current doctor I'm not bad enough yet. I hope that you are able to raise the funds that are needed, and please keep us posted on how you're doing.
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    Hello Everyone, Thanks for the information. Im not sure what else the doctor will try to help stop the progression. I will keep you updated! Sunny
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I had a bad reaction to Cellcept: the day after I took my first dose, I got the sensation of blacking out, very weak unable to stand, etc.. Of course I had to discontinue it. I already have low blood pressure, and my guess is that it dropped it even lower. Has anyone had these type of problems with Cellcept? I have to go back to the doctor mid-April to find out what is next. Also, what do you all take for allergies? The pollen is really bad right now. Thanks! :rolleyes: