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    Menopause and Scleroderma

    Thank you for the welcome :VeryHappy: I was diagnosed last August and what brought it to light was Raynaud's disease. The doctor (GP) started putting everything together, my digestive issues (reflux, pain), so he did a blood workup and told me they are leaning towards scleroderma. He ruled out Lupus and RA. He referred me to my present rhuematologist, who I don't have very good communication with so I am searching for a new rheumatologist, thanks for the info! The only issue I have right now is knowing whether it's okay to be on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with sclero. My doctor seems to think if it's working for me to stay with it.
  2. Sassi

    Menopause and Scleroderma

    Hi, I'm new here but have been reading posts on this site for awhile. Just had to respond to your post because I've been wondering about this issue of menopause and sclero myself. Like you, I tried to research it on the internet and didn't find much. I was recently diagnosed with sclero (but not completely happy with my doctor, he hasn't done many tests that I read about others having and basically just says to come back in 6 months.) I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago, immediately went on HRT and had noticed my body changing and symptoms shortly after that. I am particularly concerned if my HRT is having a good and/or bad effect on this disease. I take Estratest (HS) and it does work for me, I have tried going off several times and feel awful so I end up going back on. My doctor doesn't think there's any connection, but like I said, he doesn't seem to have much background with sclero. This is a great website, by the way. :)