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  1. Happy Holiday's to one and all. :D
  2. Hi Everyone. I hope all are doing well. I was wondering if fibromyalgia kind of go hand and hand with this Sclero? I have had the same pain for about 3-4 months, just about contantly. But I have other medical issues going on that I could contribute it too, so I kept thinking....it'll go away soon. Well 3-4 months later (this time around that is), I can't stand it any more. I have an appointment my family physician tomorrow morning to see what he can do, if anything. Is there any treatment that anyone is utilizing that works for them, that I might suggest to him? If so, pl
  3. I have never had any problems before having blood drawn (I know it's not exactly what you are talking about) but this last time, it took 4 sticks, the time before that it took 5 and 2 lab techs as well as a nurse to finally get a vein that didn't claspse immediately. This last time, the tech said my veins are really deep and used a blood pressure cuff to "pump" them up to the surface. Sue
  4. And another cool message running..... I have an Associates Degree in Medical Office Technology. I am a Financial Analyst Assistant for a health insurance here in Virginia Beach, VA. Take care ya'll Sue
  5. Hi, have the same hip pain, outrageously painful. Horrible to turn over in the bed at night. The cortisone shot lasted me about 3 weeks also, Rhemy called it Bursitis. Now wants me to go for Physical Therapy. Hope you feel better soon! :-) Sue
  6. Hi, Just checking to see if anyone has tried UVB light treatments for Morphea? I went in for my first treatment today, a whooping 12 seconds. Take care, everyone. Sue
  7. Right now staying positive is an extreme struggle for me. January 07 brought Diabetes, March 07 brought Morphea, June 07 brought ovarian cysts in my 14 (15 next month) daughter, and July 07 has brought Renal Cancer to my husband. I don't sleep, napping at best, worrying about both of them, itching all the time from the patches on my abdomen and underside of my wrists. No time to go to my doctors because I have to keep everything going for everyone else. My co-workers and best friend are the light at the end of the tunnel for me. They absolutely refuse to allow me to go thru all this al
  8. Hi My husband gets cortisone injections in his worn out old knees (as he calls them) and his doctor has told him that he shouldn't get more than 5-6 shots per knee a year. Sue
  9. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and the family. Hugs. Sue
  10. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the good information. It gives me a place to start. I have read all kinds of things about this; some confusing and some just down straight scarey. However, at least I have starting point. With the arthritis, I already have a rheumatologist and have a follow-up appointment with him the end of the month. It was actually, Dr. T who mentioned I should probably see the Dermatologist when he was doing the initial exam and noticed all the white/"shiny" patches. I guess the scariest part is gone, or I certainly hope it's gone, that it is not hereditary. The thought of
  11. Hi, I don't know if I am in the right place or not. I guess time and reading will tell. I'm a 39 year old (;-) refuse to say I'll be the 4 zero word in the summer), 2 teenage kids, a wonderful husband. In the last few months I have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and now this. My dermatologist has diagnosed me with Morphea after doing a punch biopsy. He has put me on a medicine called Taclonex. Anyone out there have Morphea, and can tell me what to expect, what to watch for? I am thinking 2007 is my year of being testing, cause I went from having to deal with my asthma acting u
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