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  1. I am a little confused about the SCL-70. My latest labs show my SCL-70 AB levels at 4.7. The one before that was 6.5. My doctor (and the lab reports) say that's positive. However, I was reading some other posts and it seems that some people are saying their levels are in the hundreds. Am I misinterpreting this or reading it wrong? I've looked all over for some sort of reference as to the ranges, but no luck. Also, does it mean anything that my levels have gone down since the last blood test? I got my lab results back but have to wait almost two weeks until my next appt with the rheumatologist? Thanks! Lisa
  2. I'm a 28 year old female. I've tested positive for ANA and my SCL-70 is 6.5. But my rheumatologist says I present no symptoms of Scleroderma. The reason I was referred to the rheumatologist was fatigue and swollen lymph nodes (which have since been biopsied and were benign). I also have a vitamin D insufficiency (my tests showed it at 26). I just got my test results today and this is a bit nerve-racking. But for now I'm just going to remember that I don't have any symptoms that suggest I have scleroderma and hope it stays that way. My rheumatologist wants me to be retested in a few months to see if it could have been a false positive.
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