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  1. Thanks for your responses! I wanted to quickly answer Shelley's question regarding why the test was run. As I mentioned, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia some time ago and some of my main symptoms are fatigue and a burning sensation throughout my body. I also rarely have a feeling of weakness, which has been going on for 10 years. I believe some of that had to do with the test being run. However, the most recent trigger was some irregular results in an EMG. I have some nerve damage in half of one of my arms not attributed to a pinched nerve. The neurologist seemed fairly confused about the cause, and ordered a bunch of blood tests at that time. I guess this was one of them. I am not really sure if there is a direct link between the nerve issues and scleroderma. I don't appear to have any of the other symptoms I've read about, aside from GERD. I'm with you - I hope the test was a fluke. I have enough other chronic illnesses to deal with at this point. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I am in a similar situation to a few of the posters in this thread. I just got some test results back today showing an elevated level of Scl-70. I also have none of the symptoms, other than ongoing GERD which could be related. I sort of doubt this, as I had a scope test when I was initially diagnosed with GERD (or possibly globus) and told all looked OK. I would think scleroderma would have shown in that case. Anyway, my doctor took blood again today with a retest of the Scl-70 being one purpose. He wasn't really all that clear, but I assume this could mean the results were a fluke or a lab error. I'm not too into speculating on that, but not sure why else he would retest right away. He did ask me several questions, and confirmed I am really not showing the symptoms. Any interesting aside, which was brought up a few times on this thread, is that I've had a vitamin D deficiency for a few years. Lots of people here mentioned they are now taking it, but I don't yet understand how this is related to scleoderma, and especially for those who are showing no symptoms. Is this just a precautionary measure? Did any of you have low levels, and is that a known indicator of scleroderma? Just some other history as an aside. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago, and more recently with GERD and osteoperosis. The interesting part is that I'm a 30 year old male, so none of these things are really too common in my demographic. Sorry for the rambling, and I look forward to any insight you can provide on the vitamin D aspect and my situation in general. Thanks! Jeff
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