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  1. when I had biopsys they did them from my thigh as well and 2. Hope for a quick recovery to the area. Hugs MOJOY
  2. Hello I where fingerless gloves alot especially during the colder months... and I use a balm that works great too! Hope you find something that works.... Hugs and warm smiles your way mojoy
  3. Hello Louise,,, Wishing you the best Keep us posted When the sun comes up each day, be up and out with it.have a great day and relax now......hugs your lil' clownie MOJOY
  4. Hello Erin good to see you looking forward to future posts
  5. Hello Meme,,, Welcome I too am new on this board as well. Sorry to hear of your stay in the hospital glad that your out. I have had morphea scleroderma. mainly in my legs. no sign of clots though. I am hoping for the best. And you find a resolution to this issue. My thoughts. Mojoy
  6. Well looks like I made it here.... For you all that remember me for the old sclero board howdy. And I guess to the rest...I am new here... Howdy too!!! I am doing better these days. been dealing with a frozen shoulder. Had a deep tissue injection a week ago today. And what a difference. Tomorrow will start a series of Physical therapy. Have still had the neck issues. Fibro issues. But still confirmed that me sclero has burned itself out. Went to SF the beginning of the month. Just an update. Hello to my friends. And soon to be new friends. Hopefully to be posting again more real s
  7. I get one every year as well rather be safe than sorry!! Terry
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