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    Has anyone seen infected Calcinosis?

    Guess what?...Haha, I have a type of MRSA infection in the finger, so it's to be covered at all times. No poking my finger anywhere. Small dressing on now which means a glove will fit over the top. Doctor unsure about the Royal Free and has got me an urgent appointment with the rheumatologist; that's on the 20th, so we go from there. Finger looks nasty but it's been looked at, it's not weeping, it's dry. I hope I can get the calcinosis removed? The skin on the finger is very hard and crusty; it's where the infection has been. If I need to go to the Royal Free then the rheumatologist will sort it.
  2. chockers

    Has anyone seen infected Calcinosis?

    I spoke to the nurse at the Royal Free and my own nurse and they want me referred to the Royal Free to get it sorted . Just a case of asking my doctor to do this.
  3. Has anyone seen an infected calcinosis which mine had? It got pus under the skin and has been lanced 3 times now. The tip of the finger had brown hard skin, plus doctor had made a hole so the gunk could get out . But whole top of the finger skin is brown .They did say the skin would peel off when it heals. I checked what dressings had been on. No iodine, so I wonder what the brown skin is. The tip of the finger is dry, brown and crusty with a calcinosis somewhere inside . Thanks Christine
  4. chockers

    Hello everyone .

    Just been all over Canada; really nice country and been on the rockie train. Big excitement and now the daft finger playing up. Christine.
  5. chockers


    On the right track now. Been to general practitioner and nurse. He had a good look; the finger is in a mess, dead skin and a funny looking tip. It's been re-dressed. On Wednesday I go to have it dressed again and when it's all open the doctor will come and look. He thinks it will end with taking the calcinosis out. So far no ulcer. I'm getting a hospital appointment when it's healed maybe Dec/Jan. A little bit of talk about iloprost the transfusion drug. The skin is brown with no pus now and it seemed dry. But the mess is down the finger where the pus was too. The skin should die and new skin should grow, but the tip of the finger where the calcinosis is looks messy with dead skin and the mess fills the tip . I think they put something on to prevent my getting an ulcer. Christine
  6. chockers


    No ulcer as yet, thank goodness as the calcinosis was big and full of pus. Today I have been to hospital and had it drained using gas and air sedation/pain relief. I see the nurse tomorrow then at the general practitioner's then the doctor's. Now I am on the right antibiotics and right dose so hopefully it will sort itself out.
  7. chockers


    Doctor says no ulcer? I am watching the liquid fast track down the finger and the pain has gone because it has burst. Going to the doctor's tomorrow and hopefully he will let me tell him what needs doing. Since 18:00 hours it has got huge and I have doubled the antibiotics. So hopefully someone might do something, they tell me the general practitioner will deal with it not the hospital but I think I really should go to the Rheumatologist? My rheumatoid arthritis nurse says the general practitioner will sort it out, I have scleroderma overlap. I have also been back to the general practitioner and was told there is an ulcer was behind the lump but its an ulcer waiting to happen. Christine Wilson
  8. chockers


    I'm hoping it will leak some white stuff to stop it hurting so much. See the doctor on Thursday; funny, he was one of the out of hours doctors and saw me and said he had dealt with some before and to make sure I see him. Out of hours were good but not in Wales; I could not get to see anyone; lack of funding, I think.
  9. chockers


    I have the ulcer behind the calcinosis; the doctor said it's blood filled as someone banged it hugging me with a bag on their arm, although I had padded it up. So, so painful! Wondering how long the infection and swelling will last and hopefully the thing will leak. Christine
  10. chockers


    Hello, My finger has Calcinosis I think, it is swollen, bright red and infected. It has an ulcer under the lumps with blood. Very painful and my body temp is 35 .6. Have been given antibotics and painkillers and go to see my general practitioner in few days. Where do we go from here, how long does this go on? Christine
  11. chockers

    acid reflux

    Hi Folks, I had acid relux years before I knew I had Scleroderma . So was put on 15mg of Lansoprazole which works wonderfully, but yesterday I felt something had got stuck, it does sometimes, I just drink water, don't need a pill as yet. Then I get Acid reflux. This morning it was bad so I took double Lansoprazole and still have reflux. It is a long time since I have had reflux as long as I take the pill. Was hoping I don't end up seeing a doctor somewhere as doctors don't know about Scleroderma. I wonder if I am having a little scleroderma blip chockers
  12. chockers

    name of pills

    Does anybody know name of a pill that slows down the bowel? (Stopping the running to the loo.) Not the ones you can buy from shops. Christine
  13. chockers

    Tighting of skin around bra area

    It's got better. GOOD as I have big chest so back in bras .But if I have to find something if it gets sore again and will have a big job. To be without is awful when you are big . Going to see if I fit into non-wired I am very tiny with big boobs, full chest with tiny shoulders. Small back, E cup. So will have to see. Chris
  14. chockers

    Raynaud's study

    Hi Just to say on Thursday I went with my son ( 5 hours on the train ) to the Raynaud's Study in Treforest in Wales. As our son lives by, it was very interesting seeing how long my hands took to warm up. It's a PHD study like our son is doing (which is why he wanted to come.) It's never been done before.The chap is doing a paper which will be published.Then he is hoping to make gloves to help us. He was very interested in what gloves I had and what I liked to wear. It is also a very useful study to link in with any drug study . Our son's hands were compared (he is fine) and were scanned and cooled down and warmed up and photos taken every two minutes. I'm going to be called back. Christine.
  15. chockers

    Tighting of skin around bra area

    I thought it was where I had shingles because it was in the same place. But doctor said no its the scleroderma but sometimes with no bra on the skin feels all crunched up like it contracts . I had shingles a while ago. I thought maybe it was the nerve endings playing up but doctor says no, even if it was in same place. So maybe it will be hanging with flat bags down to my belly button. I am big so a black eye might be in order if I can't find something to hold me up. Going to look for those bra vest things that look like a tee shirt. Christine