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  1. Me I am a bit of a gardener, I like to grow veg. But don't laugh it's all in the back garden and the back garden is a town house garden; very small, what was a lawn it's raised beds . My broad beans are taller then me and I have potatoes in very large flowers nearly as tall as me.

    Last year we were eating veg out of the garden but this year the bedding plants are not out fully yet as it's been a bad year .

    But this morning I stuffed my hand down by the side of the spuds and yes, I have some. I got some up and cooked them but they did not have that 'wow' factor as they should have; maybe the weather has done something as the potato tops are strange. Anything that might do well is spuds everything else is no good.

    My wrists are bad and hands are stiff so next year I think it will be mostly spuds I think as they are easy .Some of the soil is virgin to spuds except where I have grown them in my big raised bed .But I will get some chicken pellets in .Got some spuds in bags and some awful looking green house tomatoes growing under a plastic frame . :emoticons-line-dance: Christine :terrific:

  2. Hi everyone,


    Well how are we all ? Me?..........Well, still alive here . :emoticons-yes: :yes:

    Still able to do quite a lot of things so I do them and I like to be independent.

    Never mind the husband haha .

    I like wizzing about and if I was rich you would't see me as I'd be off touring somewhere on my own.

    But I can't afford it, so have to stay here ..but I'd rather be visiting somewhere.


    I am amazed how much I can do still and push myself . :you-rock:


    So what are you all up to now..... as mad as me ?


    Christine :emoticons-clap:

  3. Don't take ginko biloba if you are on Methotrexate. Well if I move about my Raynaud's is not so bad. I did have a load of heat pads but have not worn them for 2 years now; I find moving about is the best answer. Some clothes make you feel cold; its the case of finding what suits.


    I take nifedipine for the Raynaud's but on the whole it's bad if I am not moving about .Best way is to get the vacuum cleaner out.



  4. Clothes and keeping warm. Well, forget fashion. Some clothes make me feel cold. I wear 3 layers; normally a cotton vest (nice one purple ) which is long. I have all colours then a granny's jumper which comes up to the neck and down the arms but in nice colours with a fleece on top.


    Long johns if it's below zero. Always jeans as I find them the warmest; always long socks (knee length); always in winter short socks and a long pair on top.


    And sheepskin boots ( cornish ones ) and sheepskin slippers. Then life is not so bad as that lot keeps the heat in and a hotwater bottle at night, magic gloves and a spare pair in pocket to put on top.



  5. Just to say that I have scleroderma quite mild with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Well firstly, I no longer worry about it as there's not a lot I can do about it. Have been diagnosed 5 years now and I have got a rheumatologist who has seen a lot of Scleorderma who used to work at the Royal Free.


    I have been tested for stacks of things. I have strange skin and rosea ( face all blotchy). Been tested for CREST and really all of this time I don't have a firm diagnosis.


    Basically I have a mixture of auto immune things. I don't work anymore as the stress would bring something out worse then it already is; plus I am weaker and slower. So that is a big help as life is more relaxed; and the rest of me, well you can see the changes in 5 years. I know I have had it longer then that.


    It's slow, I am alive, still enjoying myself, so I no longer worry. Just take the pills and go.



  6. That is interesting as I think fibre is healthy so been sticking it down myself as its meant to be good for you.


    I have just had a letter calling me back .Maybe to tell me there's nothing wrong. Arghh .I go in September.


    This week been of coffee just had it when out 4 cups in a week and the cravings, oh me dear .Not craving it now


    I had one bad day with tummy and ended up taking something as was going out . And I almost had to get out of a shop quick .Been quiet since eating porridge for breakfast, got some gluten free one and stayed off wheat for a day as well.



  7. Amanda. Thanks you will find the little ops nothing as you will be sleeping and know nothing about it. The worst is the diet and the picolax; disgusting stuff. Try and take it at the time they say. I strained some soup and my belly went mad.

    But you don't feel over hungry; it's copeable as the picolax takes it away and have help and don't go out and drink lots of water.


    Another thing Amanda, don't worry about having the 2 at once; I did 3 years ago and there's nothing to it as you will be out of it. You will just remember the end when being wheeled though on ward and taking B.P and then you will sleep for a bit. Now they say enemas are thing of the past. At the last time it was not like this and I had a gown this time.


    I'm going to doctors as they should have a letter but everything was normal, but today I'm having a bad day with running to the loo .



  8. Hello folks,


    Well, I had my colonoscopy yesterday.


    I have been running to the loo and wonder if it's anything to do with my scleroderma, which if you read up on it, it sounds like me. But they found it's all normal and no follow up appointment needed.


    So I wondered if there was a medication I could take to slow it down? As it is embarrassing and also feels weak and things have altered.


    I wondered if I should look at diet and food intolerances; I have been found to have mild food intolerances through various other health people which, when they have put me on treatment, it's worked (I had been poorly.)


    I think it's also little bit of IBS as body is so slow and if someone is behind me it makes it worse. At home on my own I am used to it and it is bad but not as bad if I am out with someone.

    I also have mild Rheumatoid Arthritis and thyroid problems overlapped with scleroderma.


    What do you think now? As I'll be back to square one and so have made a doctor's appointment.

    I don't have a rheumatoid appointment as there are a lot of sick people and I don't need one urgently.


    I wonder what I should say to the doctor? Should I ask about diet but my diet is fairly good unless I eat rubbish?





  9. Hi Folks


    Well have the appointment now for the gastric doctor. I am little embarrassed about going. I know my problems are there but at moment it's not too bad, I would say I have problems but they are mild still.


    I just hope I get there and it's not a waste of time. I eat well most of the time but if I am out or away it's easy to fall into the no veg and fruit trap. I have scleroderma with R/A both mild.



  10. You can buy Biotene from a large, well known chemist, it costs but lasts a while. The gel also helps with bacteria which we have to watch because of tooth rot.



  11. Now waiting for the gastro. doctor to send me an appointment .


    But I now know I am not as bad as some people. But it's a nuisance; I now spoke to the nurse and she said weakness? Good news I don't have Primary Sjogrens .


    So hope I have my appointment soon for gastro. doctor .



  12. The Dentist did show me what he had to do to save it, but there's no way he can get in to do root filling. My mouth is tight or getting small.

    Have tight skin on my face, but to me its normal as I live with it.


    Its draining so its not hurting but it can start up at any time. So its coming out. Dentist checked it twice last month.


    I have not had it done as it means I can eat with out a blender. But I cut my finger on New Years day 25 days ago and its only just healed as thyriod is over active. So when thyroid is ok it is going to be done. Filling gaps will be a other problem. I might try the Eastman hospital for that or learn to eat with out filling the gaps. Ha ha.

    I will have hardly any back teeth left.



  13. Well, here's an update; the tooth is still my head ha ha .But the dentist looked and he got a tool and checked whether he could do a root filling .


    But my mouth is too tight for him to get in. Even if I just have it mildly. So when it hurts it's coming out .But at the moment I am not healing quickly as my thyroid is over active .So it's likely to be done quite soon; March time, I bet .



  14. Hi I have now got an appointment with the Rheumatoid Arthritis man. I feel guilty as on here you are far worse than me and I don't want to waste his time, but still running ha ha . With IBS you are meant to have discomfort and pain, but it's like something is not right, it makes you run to think about it.


    So hope I am not being a time waster but the Scleroderma has changed and in its overlap with R.A they are both mild and I could be a whole lot worse.


    It's got to my face now my Dentist can't do a root filling as my mouth is tight but not as tight as some, so my tooth is coming out .

    But I am not sure if I am that bad, as yet.



  15. No, I am on the lowest dose 15mg and have been on for it a year. I think I have got used to being how I am; it's become normal. But last year I thought, I wonder if it's the acid reducing drug? :emoticon-dont-know: But now it's crept up on me it's become normal only in the fact Hubby is now on shifts and very often there's just me and some hobbies I do. My voluntary work I do on my own; I am independent like that. But when I do go out with my friends or somewhere public I know now it's got worse. But the acid problem..... it's wonderful not to have it now I am on the drug.


    I'm still ringing the connective tissue nurse ha ha...... I think it's a case of leave and sickness. Will get to speak to someone soon but should have an appointment soon in the post as I'm about due to see someone in the R.A dept.

  16. ARHH No appointments they come in the post now. I am supposed to get a letter but I'm still waiting and I have chased it up .


    I've rung the connective tissue nurse but I think there's sickness and they are not in as no ones been about .(I try most days )

    One of the reasons is nothing will kill me yet as every thing is still mild and slow changes. So in a way I guess it might be slow in getting the next appointment. But in another way it's becoming a nuisance and more of a nuisance since my last appointment .


    So hoping the next stages will be checking things out and improving things. I am sure the problem is sclero related even if I have it mildly. As it's not like normal running to the loo it's like something has changed. I am going to be more firm with my asking and a nuisance asking for someone to see me .